Sydneysiders Can Now Get Dom Pérignon Delivered To Their Boat

By Simone Jovel
7th Dec 2017

champagne boat bar

In a classic so Sydney it hurts situation, Dom Pérignon is now delivering chilled bottles direct to thirsty Palm Beach residents this Christmas. We know—blessed be the powers that conjured this boozed up gem up.

Coming to a beachfront locale (or yacht ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) near you (if you live in Palm Beach, that is), Dom Pérignon On Demand (geddit?) is here. The concierge service (much French) will run from 16 December – 8 January, with a quick call or text sending a bottle of the good stuff straight to you within the hour.  You can choose from a range of their bubbles, and if getting Dom delivered to your door wasn’t already OTT enough, you can also get a side of crystal flutes for good measure.

Keep your eyes peeled and phones at the ready for their branded Range Rovers, and even the Dom Pérignon boat (trust us guys, we knooooooooow), delivering bottles of fun to you and your boujee crew soon. All you need to do is call or text 0431 558 801.

In the meantime, you can find an Airbnb to suit your lifestyle here.

Image credit: Dom Perignon

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