The Best Meals To Warm You Up This Winter

By Lucy Cook
2nd Jun 2015

Baby, it’s cold outside, which means putting on a jumper and eating yourself to warmth. Soups, carbs and stews are all on the menu. Diets don’t exist below 15 degrees—go hard or go home. Here are the best meals to warm you up this winter from some of Sydney’s best (and warmest) restaurants.



Nothing warms you up quicker than carbs. Especially of the pasta variety... With a side of pizza… Lucky for you, you can tick all these boxes with a trip to Vapiano. Charge all your food and drink to your chip card you collect on your way in, eat your way to warmth and comfort, and just pay as you leave. Easy and breezy, carby and delicious.

Our pick this winter: Ravioli con carne.

Pizza Autentico

Surry Hills 

Carbs on carbs on carbs. Unlimited pizza and pasta. That’s it. Your time starts and it’s game on, time to dig into pizza with prosciutto and rigatoni with ‘nduja. Throw a bottle of red wine into the mix and you’ve got yourself a very snuggly winter night at the legendary Pizza Autentico.

Our pick this winter: Get some mates together for the all-you-can-eat and go nuts.

The Meat Society 

When it’s just too cold to venture out for a fantastic steak and litres of red wine, The Meat Society has you covered. For the steak part, at least. Our new favourite meat delivery service brings restaurant quality meat to your door – free delivery! – at supermarket prices. It’s every carnivore’s dream and we reckon you’ll love it.

Our pick this winter: All the meats!

Red Lantern on Riley


Getting a group of friends together and embarking on a feast of shared Vietnamese food is an idea that warms the soul, as well as just being totally fun and delicious. Red Lantern on Riley's Luke Nguyen has overseen a delicious Indochine inspired menu mixed with the fantastic flair of the Nguyen family, featuring dishes like oven roasted duck marinated in honey and sherry vinegar with orange, star anise and cassia sauce and the classic banh xeo crepe full of delicious produce. Sounds like a pretty great way to fight the cold.

Our pick this winter: ga goi chien don—crispy skin spatchcock



Nothing is going to warm you up quite like sipping and slurping your way through a gigantic bowl of ramen. Ippudo is one of the best ramen in Sydney, internationally acclaimed with restaurants all over the world and for good reason. It’s all about the tonkotsu, drowning some noodles in it, adding some chashu pork belly and an egg—winter is no time to hold back on the extras.

Our pick this winter: Akamaru ramen with a side of pork buns.



This casual eatery is churning out some of the best Vietnamese in Sydney specialising in tradition beef pho as well as all the Vietnamese favourites. Pho PHD's beef is tender, the broth is clean, and not overloaded with shallots and onions. For those who want to get nice and warm but not feel like a sack of potatoes after, this one’s for you.

Our pick this winter: Pho with medium rare beef.


Surry Hills

121BC is the kind of wine bar that was created with winter in mind. It’s warm and dark and moody and has a small but delicious menu of rotating specials that are of the Italian persuasion. The minestrone is one of the best, and in such a fantastic place, it’s sure to be your new favourite during the cooler months.

Our pick this winter: Balsamic pork ribs and a nice glass of red.

Cafe Giulia 


Café Giulia is located in a renovated 100-year-old corner butcher shop in Chippendale and is known for its coffee, warm ambience and comforting breakfast menu. That’s enough to convince us! Eating soup is like snuggling under a woollen blanket, so you know the fava bean or lentil soup is going to warm you right up!

Our pick this winter: Lentil soup.

Cuckoo Callay


Coming off the back of their bacon-centric menu, Cuckoo Callay has a new winter menu and it’s full of the good stuff that’s going to burst your jeans and keep you coming back for more. There is a popcorn chicken burger with speck, manchego and sauerkraut on brioche which has so many calories there is no way it’s going to leave you cold, and the bacon and egg ramen noodles are like a big hug in a bowl. Trying to go a little bit healthy? The snowman salad is where it's at, with marinated Dutch carrots, blanched kale, avocado, toasted pepitas and lemon yoghurt dressing.

Our pick this winter: Snowman salad.

Food Society


If there is a dish that will warm you up more than a slow roasted pork knuckle with caraway and garlic, pickled apple, horseradish and mustard, we’d like to know about it, because we’re pretty sure that wins. If you’re not up to tackling the hunk of meat, you could very happily settle in with an applewood-smoked and crumbed camembert which is a perfect accompaniment for Food Society’s new signature winter cocktail, the Negronavic—house infused pomegranate vodka, house made orange bitters, vermouth and blowtorched rosemary.

Our pick this winter: Slow roasted pork knuckle.

Image credit: Cuckoo Callay

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