The Best Things We’ve Eaten This Year (So Far)

By Sophia Fukunishi
17th Aug 2016

best pizza in sydney

Oh Sydney, you gloriously tasty bastard. From Napoli pizzas, to all the chicken we can handle, to brunching like a boss, Sydney has given us all the deliciousness to last us three lifetimes, and we love it.

As many of you may have guessed, part of our very difficult jobs is to eat out a lot, which means we’ve sampled a heap of what this city has to offer (lucky us). But what are the best things The Urban List team has eaten this year so far? Listen up…

  1. It’s all about the fried chicken and corn on the cob at Butter.
  2. Tacos are always a good idea. Especially the beef tacos from Los Vida.
  3. Pork belly never gets old, and China Doll’s version is particularly delicious.
  4. We can’t get enough of the mash and gravy from LPs. Can we make it a main size, please?
  5. Sure, it’s not super traditional, but the meatball banh mi from So 9 makes lunch 143% more tasty.
  6. The Moreton Bay bug curry from Manjit’s is like a hug on the inside.
  7. Because shakshouka is one of our fave brunch meals and Grandma’s Little Bakery knows how we like it.
  8. The charcuterie board from Bellagio is everything we want from a platter of cured meats (and more).
  9. A go to in the office, Gratia’s garden bowl is a welcome reprieve from all the carbs.
  10. El Bulli’s meatballs are a must order. Every. Single. Time.
  11. You can’t go wrong at Mr Wong. And yes, you should always order the deep fried ice cream.
  12. The meatball sandwich from Continental Deli. Are you sensing a meatball trend here?
  13. We have a strange obsession with hummus and the hummus from Thievery should probably take out a restraining order on us.
  14. Bar Chinois and their sticky pork belly and camembert, caramelised onion sandwich is the kind of thing we dream about at night.
  15. Centennial Hotel’s charred Holmbrae chicken is all kinds of tender and one of the best roast chooks in town.
  16. Three words. Cheese. Wheel. Pasta. It’s a classic, but it will never go out of style. Try it at Buffalo Dining Club.
  17. Like a vacation for your mouth, the gamberi (prawn) pizza from Vacanza is like a trip to the Italian coastline.
  18. The tartufo pizza from Maybe Frank should be on your must-eat list. Especially if you love truffles.
  19. Muum Maam’s massaman curry is the very definition of comfort food.
  20. The squid ink ravioli from The Herring Room. Just hook it to our veins!
  21. Dachshund in Hunter’s Hill reformed avocado cures what ails us.
  22. If waffles float your boat, then the West End Waffles from Bowery Lane should be on your radar.
  23. Maple glazed sweet potato is a thing and something you should get in on. Get it at Riley St Garage.
  24. Al Aseel’s chicken lemon garlic mixed plate is the kind of thing we’d write home about.
  25. You don’t need to ask what a Trippin’ Zeahorse is, just order it when at Bondi Tony’s.
  26. Salaryman’s pork and pipi ramen satisfies our souls every single time.
  27. Karaage chicken and karaoke should always be on the cards when visiting Goros.
  28. The crazy Blame Canada burger from Bar Luca is worth all the calories.
  29. Say it with us… Corn Lollipops. Get them from Mejico.
  30. Open Circus Cafe’s bacon bruschetta. Because bacon.
  31. Amatriciana pizza from Vinnie’s Pizza at Coogee Pavilion makes us wish we had more stomachs.
  32. The fancy AF sturgeon caviar served Chang-style from Pocket Bar. Do it, your taste buds will thank you.
  33. You haven’t Sydney-ed if you haven’t eaten a Frango’s Portuguese chicken burger.

Still hungry? Search our Directory for more places to eat around Sydney! 

Image credit: Alex Squadrito at Vacanza

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