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By Jessica Best - 20 Oct 2018

This week’s binge-worthy line-up is full of some serious heavyweights. Not only has Netflix’s first horror series caused major conversations with Stephen King actually dubbing it ‘genius’ but Clementine Ford has dropped a bombshell new book, Making A Murderer Part Two is finally here and we’re vibing Tash Sultanas latest tunes in a big way.

Sit back and get comfy, you’re in for a solid binge session.


The Haunting Of Hill House

Netflix’s brand new horror series The Haunting Of Hill House has been big on every serious binge-watcher’s radar this week. There’s been questions around the ‘bent neck’ lady, the Red Room and whether or not you’ll actually pass out while watching it (we answer those questions here). Regardless, this is one to get on board especially because Stephen King has literally hailed it as “a work of genius”. You’ve got nothing to lose really.


Clementine Ford: Boys Will Be Boys

This time around, Clementine Ford is forging the way to inform about a different type of feminism ie. how do you raise your son to be a feminist? You’ve probably heard the term ‘toxic masculinity’ been rolled around a bit (and if you’ve read any of Tim Winton’s works, you’ll already be well across the issue at hand) and in true Ford style, this one is unapologetic in every possible way. Confronting, enlightening and inspiring are just some of the words readers have tossed its way. Check it out here.


Making A Murderer Part 2

This one has freshly dropped on Netflix and yeah, there goes your entire weekend. Netflix has already announced this season will focus on not only Avery’s case, but the fallout for his nephew Brendan Dassey, and their families as well. It’s been three years since filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos launched the original series, so we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.


Tash Sultana: Flow State

The big vibe this week has been around Tash Sultana’s latest album Flow State (with all songs written, produced, arranged and played by the 23-year-old… just casually). The concept behind Sultana’s debut originates from the state of mind and connectedness you feel when you’re super passionate about your art and lose track of time and space. The sounds on this oscillate through a collection of jazz, soul, R&B, reggae and slow guitar pieces. We guarantee you’ll have Free Mind and Blackbird on repeat for the rest of the week. Scope the full album here



This time around, things are about to go even more haywire. Word on the street, is that Veronica and Archie might be no more, meanwhile Jughead and Betty’s relationship is tighter than ever. But what we’re really here for is Gina Gershon joining the cast to play the role of  Gladys Jones (you obviously know her from Brooklyn Nine Nine), so now we finally get to meet Jughead’s mother. As far as plot twists are concerned, there will be many, starting with  a massive murder mystery set  to pop up early in the season. The whole thing is tipped to go completely downhill from the beginning, but honestly, we’re here for it.



When we read the Kite Runner at school, hearts broke at every page turn. And Khaled Hosseini’s latest book, Sea Prayer, is no different. In just under 48 pages, Sea Prayer will get you all in the feels. Hosseini’s response to the current refugee crisis in Syria, it takes the format of a letter from father to son, complete with illustrations (because we know you were wondering). proceeds go towards the UN Refugee Agency, so buy one for you and one for your mate. For more reads, head here.



AlphaGo is definitely the movie for anyone that’s  AI (artificial intelligence) obsessed. AlphaGo, is an AI version of the Chinese board game Go, and the background is that this version destroyed the world’s best Go player, Lee Sedol, in 2016. If you’ve ever wondered just how much AI can impact our lives, this latest documentary filmed at the seven-day Go tournament in Seoul, South Korea, is a must watch. More time to spare? Jump over here for more docos.



Barrenjoey Road is the second instalment of the ABC’s Unravel: True Crime series. Following the cold case story of teenager Trudie Adams, who disappeared along Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 1978, presenters Ruby Jones and Neil Mercer (just massive journos in the Aussie media landscape) investigate and expose the dark underbelly of the ‘insular peninsula’. Made to keep you on edge, Barrenjoey Road is a gripping recount of police corruption, murder and drug deals all surrounding Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Jones and Mercer have teamed up to crack the case, drawing on insights from 40 years of journalist investigations, and we’re hooked already. 




Written by Patrick Somerville, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, and starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone (that got your attention), Maniac hits Netflix screens September 29. The series follows two strangers undergoing a mysterious pharmaceutical treatment to change their lives for the better.


Small Fry 

Ever wanted to read a memoir from Steve Jobs’ own daughter, about the man himself? Thought so. Small Fry has been making waves before it even hit the shelves, with people (even Jobs’ widow, Lauren Powell Jobs) accusing Lisa of painting Steve in a rather unflattering light. If you’re a fan of tell-all biographies (or just curious about the man behind your Macbook Pro), give this one a go. It’s up on Amazon now.



Serial season three is here and get ready to mix things up from their trademark self-contained investigative stories co-produced by Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder (who also brought us S-Town). The next stretch of audio-magic brings Cleveland’s criminal justice system to the forefront, and shines a light on a number of different cases. What makes this next phase of Serial super exciting is the ridiculous amount of access the producers were granted; recordings from courtrooms, judges’ chambers and attorney offices. The team spent an entire year inside the criminal courts in Cleveland so you better believe you’ll get to hear everything that really happens on the inside.



For those that like to tap into your best-relaxed self (who doesn’t?), Florence is an interactive novel from Melbourne-based designers, that’s filled with pleasant everyday experiences and even, all the feels that come with falling in love. From the lead designer of Monument Valley, if you’re a fan of comics, you’re probably going to become very addicted. The winner of an Apple Design Award at the Worldwide Developer Conference, you’ll be swiping your way to more relaxed vibes in no time. For more on this one, head here.


Sticky Fingers: Cool And Calm

Not necessarily a binge, however you will absolutely have this one on repeat (and when it comes to music that’s essentially the same thing). Sticky Fingers just dropped their latest, cruisey tune, ‘Cool And Calm’ and that’s exactly how you’ll feel when you play this one. Alongside this win, these Aussie guys have shot an 8mm music video flaring up all the vintage vibes and as always, it’s pure greatness. Is this a sneaky drop from an album in the pipeline? If so, you heard it here first.

Keen for more things entertainment? Head right here for everything you should be across.

Image credit: Tash Sultana Instagram

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