The Italian Restaurant We’re Loving So Much it Darlinghurts

By Zo Zhou
4th Aug 2015

Casoni. is not your usual Italian restaurant in Sydney. There are no chequered tablecloths or Italian crooners on repeat, but there’s plenty of candlelight and a very suave, stripped back vibe that sets the tone for your evening.

Despite being one of the best Italian restaurants in Sydney, Casoni. is not pretentious or overpriced. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: friendly, casual and totally the kind of place that will become your go-to restaurant when questioned “where shall we eat?”.

To make the most of this Darlinghurst restaurant, we’ve compiled eight essential things to know before you open their little red door.

#1 Leave the white shirt at home

Because careful and restrained eating is hard when everything tastes this good. Why worry about getting ragu on yourself when you could be eating it with abandon?

#2 Settle in as the Italians would

Start your night with an aperitif—the Aperol spritz is on tap! No one’s going to judge if you’d prefer a glass of vino, of course. However, if you sprint in for happy hour, you’ll pick the Aperol spritz up for a cheery $9 (mark 5-6:30pm daily in your calendars).

#3 Don’t be afraid to flirt with some cocktails

Sure, you could get a drink on tap. But then you could also get a house cocktail, which is a pretty good excuse to say an extended hello to the bar staff. The Avenue Sour is exemplary if you feel like something tart, where cognac meets a refreshing squeeze of lemon and strained passionfruit.

#4 Quell indecision with the Menu Fisso

When the food is this amazing, you know you can trust the Casoni. guys to pick the best for you—and when they’re picking seven for a mere $55, who can argue?

#5 …But always get the burnt butter ravioli

If you do go with the Menu Fisso, you do get two choices of your own. Make one of them the dreamy pumpkin ravioli with crispy sage and burnt butter. Fortunately this dish is going nowhere, even if Casoni. do mix up their menu to stay interesting.

#6 Remain calm when you taste the carpaccio

We weren’t quite prepared for the beef carpaccio. Please be considerate of other patrons and express your mind being blown, quietly. 

#7 Don’t balls up the rest of your night

When those crunchy piping hot balls of arancini come out, we know how hard it is to engage any restraint. But patience is your friend if you want to taste the rest of what’s coming!

#8 Keep coming back for the specials

When we say specials, we really mean the gnocchi. If you’re super lucky the gnocchi will be immersed in some sort of heaven-sent ragu. We’ve been lucky enough to try both the wild boar and the rich lamb. Yep, we’re spoilt.

We’ve raved about Casoni. before, and we’ll ravioli about them again. If you feel the same way, they’ll also open their doors for private Friday lunches. We all know where your next work drinks will be!

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Image credit: Jackie Lyn Powell

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