The Ultimate Guide To Hangover Meals In Sydney

By Jessica Best
24th Mar 2016


Don’t even try to remember what happened last night. Chances are it’ll all come rushing back as soon as you’re tagged in a photo so horrific, it underlies the whole meaning behind the reason you’ve blocked your boss on Facebook. Those hangover feels. 

Fortunately for you, we’ve all been there, done that (more than we like to admit). And even more fortunate, we’ve decided to make the after hours of feeling like you’ve been knocked over the head with a hammer that little easier for you. So, grab your phones and download the Foodora app, it’s time to give that hangover a piece of your mind (or what’s left of it).

Forget the fact that you can’t find your wallet, or your car keys… we’ve pulled together the ultimate guide for your hangover meals in Sydney—delivered to your door in around half an hour. 

And because we really, really understand that sometimes your brain is just too sore to work out what to get, we have come up with a handy diagram so you know exactly what you need, and all you have to do is order.

Mr Crackles


If you went harder than a fresh eighteen-year-old on their first night of so called freedom, Mr Crackles is your go to takeaway (no shame in still being hungover two days after the event). Hey, even if you went there less than 12 hours ago, double dumping Crackles is the way to go. It’s sticky, it’s super crunchy and almost worth being hungover for. Choose anything from their salty, pork nacho fries to their crispy pork belly. Or, you could do what your fuzzy little brain is really telling you to do—go for the hot dog. We guarantee you won’t regret it. Get it all in one—a spongy torpedo bun, shrouded in mustard, tomato sauce and cheese. Hangover no more.

See if Mr Crackles delivers to you here.

Waterman’s Lobster Co.

Potts Point

For when your classy night took a slight turnaround… So you haven’t been put to complete shame but you are missing a shoe. Carry on being classy and leave your standards (the ones you had before you skulled a bottle of bourbon) where they are. Waterman’s Lobster Co. houses some pretty scrumptious dishes that’ll be sure to put your post-partying munchies at ease. Order a bowl of fries with lime aioli, chargrilled corn dripping in chilli sauce or the classic house baked soda bread soaked in butter. Don’t lie. We know you’ll order two of these.

See if Waterman’s Lobster Co. delivers to you here.

Bondi Dumplings 


When you’re walking home barefoot, shoes in hand, yum cha is just way too much of a massive trek at this stage of the night (okay, morning). We know there’s only one thing on your mind right now and that’s to sink those teeth into something soft and comforting. Get your food equivalent of a long, long hug with pan-fried pork buns (we know anything fried will do) and Peking duck pancakes at Bondi Dumplings, where a settled stomach is just a few bites away. 

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Chur Burger

Surry Hills

Forget feeling guilty when you said you were going out for just a little while, but somehow now have several club logos stamped on your wrist and a few shameful messages you’re going to have to deal with later. Finishing off any night of drinking with the masters of burgers in Sydney, Chur Burger, almost makes all those extra shots worth it (almost guys, almost). It’s time to go all out and hit that headache where it hurts, grab your beef burgers with tomato jam and a milkshake and expect to be up and ready way before 3pm.

See if Chur Burger delivers to you here.

Thirsty Bird 

Potts Point

We get it. All you need now is messy food in the privacy of your own home, thank you very much. It’s late night food done right at whatever stage you’re at. And what’s better than the absolute classic—fried chicken? Get ready to lick your fingers clean of Thirsty Bird's tender chicken juices, plentiful coatings of rich gravy and mash. Gotta soak all that vodka up somehow, right?

See if Thirsty Bird delivers to you here.

Gelato Messina 

Darlinghurst, Bondi, Surry Hills

There’s nothing like those balmy nights where you need to physically carry your friend who partied a little too hard (or maybe you are that friend). And lucky for you, Gelato Messina knows all about those outings—the ones where you lost your group for an entire night but somehow jumped into the same taxi in the early hours of the morning (seriously, how does that happen?). When it’s too hot to indulge in kebabs and all you want is to sit half-awake in your room, tub of ice-cream in one hand, scrolling through the 300 photos of you and your crazy friends in the other, this is the way to go. 

See if Gelato Messina deliver to you here.

Dos Senoritas 

Neutral Bay

If you’ve been event jumping the night before and your entire body hurts from dancing too hard (because every song is “your jam”), Dos Senoritas will help you and your mates tone the salsa suave down and get back on track before the sun even rises. Order yourselves fresh guac with tortilla chips or gringo rolls packed with black beans, cheddar, sour cream and pico with your choice of steak, pork, chicken or beef. That will have you ready for round two in no time at all.

See if Dos Senioritas delivers to you here.



Sometimes a night of holding a glass in one hand somehow melds into a few more than a lot. Behold the accidental night-out. We know it wasn’t intentional, hell, you weren’t even refilling your own glass. Bondi rib joint Hurricane's is the solid pick-me-up for when you’re caught in this quagmire. With anything from a full rack of ribs ordered to your door or sweet potato fries coated in a thick mushroom sauce, it’s the hangover cure made easy. Really easy. 

See if Hurricanes delivers to you here.

The Fish Shop 

Potts Point

Nothing beats the beach-side classic of fish and chips served up in a cardboard tray oil-laden to fix that numbness from your night out. The struggle is real when the events of last night have already turned vague and the whereabouts of your friends have already seeped your memory. Pull yourself together (in a mildly healthy way) and get yourself a crumbed fish burger or the comfort of potato scallops with a side of pea mash from The Fish Shop and at least try to believe it when you tell yourself you’re never drinking again.

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Surry Hills

We love a good kebab at Erciyes to end a big night, It’s the ultimate alcohol-soaker, the perfect size to fit into both sweaty hands and tear into for late-night scoffing. If you’ve made a right mess of yourself, enjoy the relish of each bite under the comfort of your blankets. Hit up a chicken or beef kebab loaded with garlic, yoghurt and homemade tomato sauce or Turkish style pastrami with spices and a side of fluffy garlic bread. And if it’s just turned into one of those nights… go for a special dessert pizza to split with your friends topped with walnuts, sugar and butter. Your hangover won’t know what to do.

See if Erciyes delivers to you here.

Image credit: Foodora for Mr Crackles

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