The Urban List’s Guide To Summer Dating On A Budget

By Jessica Best
30th Nov 2016

Who said spending time with your significant other had to be expensive. Sure they can be a pain at times (love you bae), but they don’t have to be a pain to your pocket.

So you’ve spent all your dosh, and then some more (whoops), on Ubers, cold pressed juices and double shot, cold-drip coffees with a splash of almond milk— what were you thinking? And now your romantic days are numbered.

Fear not friend, because we’ve put together a damn good list of budget friendly summer date ideas just for you.

Remember, it’s not called being stingy if you love them. It’s called spending cost-effective time together.

  • Beach picnics. Park Picnics. Garden picnics. Picnics in general.
  • Snorkelling. The saliva that always drips off your mouthpiece will have your S/O thinking “what a keeper”.
  • Buy plastic water guns and have a water gun fight. This could go one of two ways. Oh so right. Or, oh so wrong.
  • Trivia night at your local pub. To prove you’re not always right but you’re never wrong.

  • Go ‘blading. Because there’s nothing funnier than seeing bae stack it.
  • Go for a romantic walk in the Botanical Gardens.
  • Bike riding. We’re imagining cute couple snaps and a romantic sunset but we all know someone ends up bruised on the side of the road threatening to end the relationship right there and then. Regardless, do it for the memories.
  • Go to a sporting event. You might not know the difference between a “conversion” and a “try” but you can see that there’s two teams so that’s a huge improvement.
  • Fly a kite, it may or may not be a visual metaphor for the success of your relationship (make that shit fly).
  • Free stand up comedy. Emphasis on the free.
  • Go for a hike in a National Park (always a good bonding experience because reading a map and general orienteering is fun).
  • Roaaaaaaad Trip! Everybody knows if you can last a day on the Pacific Highway with your mister or missus, ya’ll are soulmates.
  • Markets. Check into the Bondi or Glebe markets for cheap eats, live music, cute trinkets and what we’re really going for… free samples.
  • Take a ferry trip around the harbour. It’s about as close as we’re going to get to Ryan Gosling rowing on a lake in The Notebook, while we’re on a budget.
  • Head down to Bondi for the day, because beach views and your S/O (who’s bound to get burnt… again) are what you live for.

  • Re-live Grease and go to an outdoor cinema 
  • Wake up early and watch the sunrise. And if life before the sun is up seems a tad unrealistic, sunsets do pretty damn good too.
  • There’s a heap of Sydney bars with games, which means a whole heap of opportunities to claim victory and bragging rights forever.
  • Backyard camping. We’re saving you dosh on the petrol front too.
  • Cheap eats. We’re talking about dollar dogs at Soda Factory. And because these gourmet hot dogs are so good and barely punch your pocket, you can carb load to your hearts content.
  • Take your dog for a walk. Or if you don’t have one of your own, take someone else’s dog for a walk (we all know you’ve been eyeing off your neighbour’s Frenchie).

  • Find some ducks in a park and feed them. Then find the strength to not take the cuties home.
  • And if you’re super desperate, you know those BBQs at Bunnings on a Saturday morning? Nothing screams romance quite like a sausage sandwich.

Have you heard about this new cellar door?

Image Credit: Messina

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