11 Signs You’re Having A Totally Aussie Christmas

By Phoebe McRae
18th Dec 2017

Everyone in the Northern Hemisphere thinks Australians do Christmas wrong. But we all know that they’re wrong. We love our Aussie Christmas traditions more than we love Sophie Monk, and they’re all just jealous that we’re at the beach while they’re shivering in their boots with four layers of socks on.

We love our Christmas in the land down under so much that we’ve teamed up with the jolly crew from Macarthur Square to work out exactly how to nail an Aussie Christmas. Have a jolly holiday!

#1 You’re Sweating

Congratulations. You’re obvs in Australia because it’s not snowing and you’re currently sitting in front of five fans you bought from Target.

#2 You’ve Eaten Your Entire Body Weight In Prawns

The Americans might have turkey but in Australia, we have prawns. Kilograms and kilograms of the juiciest little buggers we can find and they are bloody delicious. If you still haven’t had your fix, you should probs pick some up from the Ambarvale Fish Market, like, ASAP.

#3 You’re Doing All Your Shopping On Christmas Eve

It’s almost an Australian right of passage to leave allllll your Christmas shopping to the very last minute. We’re talking gifts, food AND booze. See you at Macarthur Square on Christmas Eve!

#4 You’re Wearing Thongs

Christmas Day dressing is about as casual as dressing gets. No one judges you for wearing thongs (flip-flops to all you foreigners) and by that, we mean it’s totally acceptable to go anywhere and everywhere without any shoes on at all.

#5 You Bought Your Christmas Crackers From Coles

And you’re secretly looking forward to wearing your colourful Christmas hat and reading out all those super lame dad jokes in front of the whole fam. What do you call a fly with no wings? A walk. Etcetera, etcetera.

#6 You Have A Mini Fridge Dedicated To Booze

Because what is Christmas without booze? We strongly suggest you head to Dan Murphy’s, load up your trolley with Pimm’s (not goon) and mix up an ice-cold berry punch. Just sayin’…

#7 Your Ham Is Waiting For You At The Butcher

Fact: if you don’t pre-order your ham, you miss out. Order yours now at Sutcliffe Meats. Don’t forget about the glaze.

#8 You’re Lying In An Inflatable Pool

If you live in Sydney, the chances that you have a pool are pretty low. Enter the inflatable pool that will see you through the entire summer and, especially, Christmas Day. FYI you can buy them from Big W for 25 bucks.

#9 You’ve Ditched Pudding For Pavlova

It’s too hot for Christmas pudding and dried fruit is not exactly our idea of a good time. Australians eat Pavlova for dessert. You can buy it or whip it up yourself. We don’t judge.

#10 You’re Trying To Fix Your BBQ For Boxing Day

What is Boxing Day without a BBQ? You’ll spend hours on end trying to fix your old one when all you needed was to invest in a new one.

#11 You’ve Got Sand In Your Bed

It doesn’t get any more Australian than going to Bondi Beach and seeing a Christmas tree sitting next to the red and yellow flags. If you haven’t been to the beach every day in the lead up to Christmas, are you really Australian?

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Image credit: Unsplash

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