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Trade Is Your Next Doco-Series Binge

By Simone Jovel
17th Jan 2018

Did you hear something? That whooshing sound? It’s all our New Year’s resolutions going out the window and back to whatever land of hopes and dreams from which they came. 2018 is here and there’s only one thing we’ll be doing (read: achieving)—bingeing all of the TV, all of the time.

Enter Trade, the latest doco-series from Oscar nominated director Matthew Heineman of Cartel Land (so you’re all but guaranteed that it’s going to be hella good). Prepare to dive head first over five eps into the opioid epidemic. You’ll travel from Colombus, Ohio to Guerrero, Mexico and errrrrrywhere in between to see how this crisis affects communities on both sides of the border.

The goal of this new series is to highlight the human side of the epidemic and after checking the trailer out for ourselves, let’s just say they’ve nailed it.

Trade drops on Stan February 3.

Image credit: Stan

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