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By Pip Jarvis
19th Aug 2014

With seemingly endless, honey-dipped limbs, swooshy hair that could stop traffic and a wardrobe that would make any fashion-loving woman cry, Elle Ferguson would be pretty easy to hate. Except she's kinda down to earth and actually super cool. Sigh. As one half of TheyAllHateUs with equally stylish BFF Tash Sefton, the blonde uber blogger also enjoys the kind of social media following that makes your 13 likes for last night's spag bol look pretty pathetic. Here, we take five with Elle to uncover her favourite local haunts, her desert island essentials, and get the down low on her obsession with denim cut offs...

Tash Sefton & Elle Ferguson (right), TheyAllHateUs

TUL: So, let's start at the beginning. How did you lovely ladies meet and how did TheyAllHateUs come about?
Tash and I were lucky enough to meet whilst working together at an amazing company called General Pants. Tash was the head of womenswear and I was the head of merchandising – you could say that meeting seven years ago began it all and we have been inseparable since. TheyAllHateUs came alive after we'd pretty much covered every wall in the offices with montages of things that we loved, i.e. shoes, handbags, street style etc, then these images then turned into emails called afternoon delights… The emails got so big that they crashed the server at head office and it was at that point Tash's husband suggested starting a blog... The rest is history.

TUL: Who is the genius that came up with the name?
We both came up with the name over our lunch break smile

TUL: You've got over 488 000 Instagram followers and 56 000 Facebook fans. Can you believe it?!
It is actually amazing and, without sounding too corny, we love every single 'follower'. It's so rewarding when we meet these people or receive an email – it's just so much fun.

TUL: What does your typical day look like?
I have to say there is no typical day... Last week I was attacked by a llama on a farm whilst shooting a commercial, and then the next day we were shooting an amazing charity campaign with Ashley and Jess Hart.

TUL: What are your top three never-fail wardrobe essentials?
Denim shorts, white shirt and a fabulous pair of shoes (I would also like to add a great fake tan and perfect beach hair).

TUL: And your desert island beauty essentials?
Sunscreen, Tash and my mum smile

TUL: About those denim cut offs, Elle… Talk us through it.
Well let's just say I've recently moved house which resulted in me having to pack and unpack 78... Yes 78 pairs of shorts smile I can't go wrong in a pair of shorts, they are just me.

TUL: What's your guiltiest pleasure?
Elle time... Which normally involves shopping (with Tash or my family), really bad television or rearranging the house.

TUL: What's on your wish list for spring?
Tash will laugh at this one but still the D&G crown.... And the entire Balmain and Isabel Marant collections.... I'm just a simple girl smile

TUL: Which local designers are you excited about right now?
We are blessed to work with so many new local designers that we feature on the TheyAllHateUs shop and, to be honest, that's what really excited me – offering this amazing platform to launch new local brands to the world.

TUL: Come on, spill. Have you ever made a fashion mistake?
YES!!! Tash and I were only laughing about this the other day.... There have been so so so many… A couple of highlights would have to be knee high socks with heels in the day time... Hmmm, platinum blonde dead straight hair... The list goes on.

TUL: What's been the most exciting moment in the life of TheyAllHateUs?
To be honest, it's working with my best friend every day and creating something successful that we are proud of.

TUL: What's next for TheyAllHateUs? Any exciting projects you can let us in on?
YES! But you'll have to stay tuned for them....


What are your favourite local Sydney spots...

For a drink
I don't drink so.... A green apple and carrot juice from the Earth Food Store in Bondi Beach.
For breakfast
Jackie's Cafe at the intersection, Paddington.?
For coffee
Sorry, I don't drink coffee.
For a special occasion dinner
Hmmmmm I'd have to say I'm loving North Bondi Fish at the moment for the relaxed vibe, and it's pretty much on the beach.
For a mani pedi
USA nails on Oxford street in Paddington... The girls are great.
For a facial
Lite Luxe in Double Bay.
For a massage
Venustus, Paddington.
To work out
Bondi Beach.?
For an indulgence
My Mum's house on the coast at Terrigal, or the Chanel boutique smile?
Best way to spend $50 in Sydney?
Walking and people watching at The Intersection, Paddington and then lunch at Jackie's.
Best way to spend $500 in Sydney?
Ha ha ha SHOP.
Your latest Sydney discovery?
My new house in Bondi Beach.... I've been here one week.
Sydney style is…
What you want it to be.... Anything really goes.

When in Melbourne…

We love to shop at
Sydney doesn't have H&M, so I'd have to say that is amazing in the GPO building.
Our favourite spot for a drink
As I don't drink, I actually just like chilling out at Crown.
We stay at
We eat at
Spud Bar is the best place ever (Editor's note: We totally agree!)
We always visit
Le Louvre. ?
Melbourne style is…
Very Melbourne.

When in Brisbane…

We love to shop at
James Street.?
Our favourite spot for a drink is
The Eat Street Markets are pretty cool.
We stay at
We like to try something new every time.
We eat at
Eat Street Markets or James Street.
We always visit
Maryon's Shoes.
Brisbane style is…
Laid back and cool.

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Image Credits: Caroline McCredie

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