Two Minutes With Virginia Martin Of Búl

By Ellie Schneider
23rd May 2014

When we first stumbled upon búl, it was tucked away up three flights of rickety stairs in Melbourne's historic Curtin House—it was the city's best-kept fashion secret, and needless to say, love at first sight!

Trips to Melbourne necessitated stocking up on búl's luxe knitwear, beautifully crafted basics and gorgeous leather accessories . . . until, four years on, we finally had a búl of our own thanks to the very talented Virginia Martin.

Located at Paddington's prime shopping destination, The Intersection, búl garments have become a coveted wardrobe staple, creating bold silhouettes with innovative fabrics and classic detailing.

We caught up with Virginia to talk globetrotting, the Danish coastline and what we can expect from the latest collection.

TUL: How have your vast travels shaped your design aesthetic?
Virginia Martin: My interest in the world shapes every collection I create, it's so hard not to be inspired when you immerse yourself in a location and a culture and see its history, art, architecture, landscapes and especially its coastlines.

TUL: Each búl collection draws inspiration from a specific coastal location. What inspires you most about the seaside?
Virginia: There's nothing like the sea. Coastlines are different everywhere, they're all beautiful, tranquil—and yet all embody something different about a place. I spend most of my weekends on the Victorian coast surfing and enjoying the sand, or the rocks, or the shells of wherever it is I am.

TUL: Spring Summer 14/15 embraces the simplicity and beauty of Danish design. Why did you pick Denmark to base the upcoming collection upon?
Virginia: Denmark is a country that is synonymous with incredible minimalist design, something that I think links very well to the heart of búl. Its architecture and furniture design is classic, sleek and functional—all things that I apply to búl designs every season, so it made sense to pay homage to such a fantastic place.

TUL: What are your favourite pieces from SS14/15?
Virginia: My favourite pieces from this collection are the structured knits—the weight and body are so crisp and elegant, and are so easy to wear!

TUL: How has the label evolved since its first outpost in Melbourne's Curtin House some four years?
Virginia: We have gone from one small store in Curtin House to opening a store on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, and then recently another on Glenmore Road in Paddington, Sydney. Our number of stockists and our online presence are always increasing and we've had a lot of success with Pop Up stores around Australia.

TUL: Is there a second Sydney store in the works?
Virginia: After having so much success with our Pop Up store in Sydney's The Strand Arcade we opened a permanent store on Glenmore Road in Paddington. We are loving building a great customer base in Sydney and with more growth there, there is always the possibility of another store.
TUL: When in Sydney what are your favourite places to drink and dine?
Virginia: I love Orto Trading Co in Surry Hills—such great food!! Also can't go past a drink at Shady Pines . . .


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