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Uber’s Biggest Ride-Sharing Rival Just Hit Sydney

By Ange Law
13th Dec 2017


Calling all Uber lovers (so all of you). There’s a new ride-sharing company in town and we’ve heard that it’ll be even better than bae. Taxify is known as one of Europe’s fave driving services—except for in London where it was kicked out after just three days—and apparently, 4,000 drivers have already jumped ship in Sydney. 

What does this mean for you? Wellllll apparently it’ll work out cheaper because they only pocket a 15% commission. FYI, Uber flogs 20-25% from their drivers, so this one is already a pretty big win for everyone. Australia is a bit late to this one, with the company already operating in 20 countries, and Sydney is the first Australian city to score the Taxify services.

All going well, Taxify will expand into Melbourne and Brisvegas next year so stay tuned, team.

Meanwhile, this place is holding free nap classes. 

Image credit: Unsplash

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