How To Have The Ultimate Girls Long Weekend (With Wine)

By Phoebe McRae
31st May 2017

Grab your ladies, it’s almost the middle of year and it’s officially time to plan that girls weekend. You know, the one you’ve been talking about since Christmas—pleeeease, less talking, more doing. Got it? Good.

To help make it happen we’ve teamed up with Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, because if anyone knows how to have the ultimate girls weekend it’s these guys. By ultimate we obviously mean, one that includes allllll of the wine, because what kind of girls weekend doesn’t involve wine?

Step #1. Take The Day Off

The only way to do a girls weekend properly is to turn it into a long weekend (regardless of whether there’s a public holiday or not). So book yourself that well earned day of annual leave, then bask in the glory that is a only found in working a four day week. Remember, you (and your girls) deserve this.

Step #2. Get Out Of Town

A girls weekend in Sydney doesn’t require an extra day (let’s be honest) so you and your crew need to get the hell out of town. ICYMI there’s no better place for a winter escape than the Hunter Valley, duh and it’s only two hours away (just past Newcastle). Get ready to feel like you’re in a different country (wellllll, sort of, but there’ll be wine and that’s really all that matters). Rent out Crowne Plaza’s 2-bedroom villa and get ready for one major slumber party.

Step #3. Head To A Winery

Once you’ve settled into the resort (make sure you all grab a bike from the Concierge and go for a little explore first), head straight to one of the many wineries. Our faves include Audrey Wilkinson, Krinklewood Biodynamic Vineyard, and Brokenwood Wines, but if you can’t decide (or can’t be bothered) save yourself the effort and book a seat on The Lovedale Bus Tour. Their driver will do all of the hard work for you, whilst you focus on the serious job of wine. Oh, and if you really love your vino, do yourself a favour and head to Hunter Valley Wine Festival on June 24. Just sayin'.

Step #4. Feast

After you’ve been on the vinos all day (and spilled one too many secrets with the girls), it’s time to get your feast on. Over the next three days we strongly suggest you get your laughing gear around the fresh-to-death dishes at EXP., Muse and the Lovedale Bar (when you’re too boozed to leave the resort). Whether you opt for a long lunch or fancy dinner degustation, make sure you wear your stretchy pants.

Step #5. Sleep

By now you’re probably in a total food coma (and feeling a little light headed). It’s time to head back to your villa and gossip with the girls until you fall asleep.

Step #6. Treat Yo’self

It’s the morning after the night before and as much as you love your besties, you’re probs going to need to a little bit of me time. Take a break at Ubika Spa, jump on a helicopter tour, or go for a run around town (if you’re that way inclined and don’t get hangovers). You can even do a segway tour (don't knock it til you try it) or play golf (it's not just for old people, guys). Treat yo’self however you best know how.

Step #7 Repeat

See step #3.

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Image credit: Flickr, Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley

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