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Add This Dreamy Underwater Dance World To Your Art Collection Goals

By Holly Kingston - 15 Aug 2018

Dion Lee, The Australian Ballet and Aquabumps are the inspired collab we never knew we needed in our lives, until now.

This legendary trifecta of talent has come together from NYC, Melbs and our very own Bondi via a new digital workspace Dropbox Paper to create an oh-so-emotive and magical underwater fashion shoot that may just give you the chills.

A bunch of phenomenal ballet dancers draped in Dion’s bespoke designs have been plunged into a blacked-out Sydney Olympic pool which was lit from above to create an eerie abyss underwater. Photographer of Bondi’s Aquabumps, Eugene Tan, who is accustomed to snapping surfer dudes and beach waves, was submerged for four hours during the shoot.

The abstract, ethereal poses choreographed by The Australian Ballet’s Artistic Director, David McAllister, are so brilliantly mind-boggling, especially since we’re over here unable to even touch our toes. As for the glorious outfits? Well, let’s just say our fave Aussie designer has absolutely nailed it with some incredible swim and ready-to-wear designs. We’re thinking that red dress is something we’d be wanting to flaunt at a black-tie event as opposed to on our morning jog and swim down at Bondi, just sayin’.

Basically, it’s an utter phenom narrative of images that celebrate creativity across oceans.

The best part? This stunning collection of artistic photographs featuring dancers in gravity-defying moves silhouetted in fabrics that feature graphic patterns and unexpected shapes, are available to buy from Aquabumps. *Queue jump for joy*

The limited edition prints of the works created as part of Underwater Dance are available to purchase online at Aquabumps, with prices starting from $1800 for unframed images. Go on, treat yourselves.

For more info, head over here.

Oh, and make sure you don't miss out on Sydney's most Insta-worthy exhibitions in August. 

Image credit: Eugene Tan of Aquabumps

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