Watch: Top 10 Things To Do in Sydney This December

By Florence Tan
1st Dec 2015

Hollly heckk, it’s December already! And, as we look back on this past year, we’re smiling from ear to ear because, hot damn Sydney, you’ve delivered. 

2015 has been flooded with so many things to do in Sydney—sipping on freakshakes, chowing down on baos and biting into burgers just to name a few. So, in honour of our beloved city, we’re making December the month to try out the best new openings of 2015. Prepare your stomachs, it’s going to be one delicious ride.  

#10 Smash that chocolate egg at Sake Double Bay!

Even when Double Bay didn’t need to be anymore stylish, they still continue to raise the bar with Sake opening its doors this year. This month, make like a khaleesi and covet one of their dragon egg chocolate surprise desserts. But forget daintily cracking your spoon on the chocolate shell, this dish is just begging to be smashed. It’s the only acceptable way to reveal the hazelnut, dark chocolate cream waiting inside. 

#9 Good eatin’ and good drinkin’ at Luis Tans

Who is Luis Tans you ask? Put simply he’s a fictional 1960s Peruvian hustler who married rich in Japan which, of course, translates to a Bondi restaurant full of good eatin’ and good drinkin’. The menu is as eclectic as its décor, marrying Peruvian with Japanese cuisine with delectable ceremony. Embracing its Bondi locale, there’s a heavy emphasis on healthy eating with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options to enjoy. 

#8 Rooftop drinks in the CBD at Taylor’s

At Taylor’s they’re raising the bar straight to the roof. A complete contrast to its CBD surrounds, the lush vertical gardens are the perfect backdrop for a sneaky tipple as you watch the sunset. There’s plenty of choice cocktails, wine and beer available at the bar, but if you’re up to sharing, the Pimms jug just screams summer.

#7 Beef brisket waffles at Kansas City Shuffle 

Boot scoot straight on in to Kansas City Shuffle, a Sydney café that achieves the impossible: somewhat healthy American diner classics. And the dish that had us screaming GET IN MA BELLY? The beef brisket waffles. Just take a moment here and let that sink in. Topped off with a smoked chilli butter and poached egg, you’ll practically inhale this things it’s so darn scrumptious. 

#6 Artificer opens in Surry Hills

Wake up and smell the beans at Artificer. When two of Sydney’s best baristas open a café together, you take notice. You won’t find food on this Surry Hills corner, but the resulting laser sharp focus on coffee means you’ll need nothing else. All we’re waiting on is for them to invent a way to hook their coffee up to an I.V. for constant consumption – it’s just that good. 

#5 Sweet treats at Aqua S

No doubt you’ve seen these cones all over Instagram. Housed in clouds of fairy floss with a toasted marshmallow here and a sprinkling of popping candy there, Aqua S is a sweet tooth’s wonderland. Churning out some of the creamiest soft serve around with flavours that change fortnightly like crème brulee, guava and of course their regular sea salt, you can keep coming back for your weekly daily sugar high at Aqua S. 

#4 Get us to the Greek at Zeus Street Greek!

Give me summa that sweet, sweet souvla. Adding Rosebery to its empire this year, Zeus Street Greek has firmly cemented themselves as pita gods. Dishing up some of the best Greek street food in Sydney, wrap your paws around these stuffed souvlas (some even come with chips) and don’t forget to gorge on the grilled haloumi that hits all the right notes. 

#3 The best cabbage ever at Master

You thought it couldn’t be done. But the talented chefs behind Surry Hill’s latest, Master, have achieved something of stratospheric proportions: a mouth-watering dish that’s 90% cabbage. It’s all thanks to the perfectly charred leaves and fish butter sauce created by the team of young guns behind this modern Chinese restaurant. Oh, and while we’re here, we wouldn’t say no to the peking style pork jowl pancakes, no siree!

#2 Donuts for days with Grumpy Donuts

What used to be reserved for roadtrip pit stops at servos, it was time that the donut had an update. Enter Grumpy Donuts, the brainchild of two Sydney born donut-fanatics. Delivering handcrafted donuts straight to your door with coronary-inducing flavours like maple bacon and choc Oreo peanut butter available, we’ll take ‘em no matter what mood we’re in. 

#1 Shake Shack style burgers at Jack’s Newtown

For years and years Sydneysiders have been begging for the New York favourite to come to our shores but to no avail. But hey, we don’t want you anymore (just kidding we loooove you!) because Jack’s Newtown has filled that burger-sized whole in our hearts. Serving up burgers made with fluffy potato buns, gooey cheese and a beaut beef patty, it’s a burger without the trimmings because it just doesn’t need it. 

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