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We Found A Bar With Beer, Cocktails - And Fairy Bread!

By Simone Jovel
31st Oct 2016

Anyone who grew up in Australia remembers the exact moment when the platter of fairy bread hit the table at your mate’s party— except back then you paired it with some lemonade, or if you could handle it, some red cordial. 

Times may have changed, but our love for the sweet and colourful goodness that is hundreds and thousands piled high on soft buttery white bread has not, and thanks to The Thirsty Wolf in Newtown, November in Sydney now means rainbows, fairy floss and unicorns. 

Yep, Unicorn Month is a thing and you can throw back cocktails complete with freshly spun fairy floss, sparkling wine, and, if you fancy, a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Beers, wine and all of your house favourites can also be paired with a plate of fairy bread (at $2.95 you should really get two) as you challenge your mates to one epic AF game of Scrabble, Jenga or our favourite, Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit.

Unicorn Month kicks off officially on Wednesday 2 November at The Thirsty Wolf.

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Image credit: Parker Blain

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