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We Know Where To Get Sushi Doughnuts In Sydney

By Phoebe McRae - 13 Mar 2017


Just when you thought you didn’t need any more food in your life, the Sydney Fish Markets go and create sushi doughnuts—and we’re calling it now, these bad boys are a must eat!

WTF are sushi doughnuts, we hear you ask? Let us tell you. Doughnuts made of sushi, obvs. Healthy doughnuts even. Think sticky Japanese rice moulded in a doughnut shape, covered in avocado, wasabi, seafood, mayo and everything else that makes sushi taste so damn delicious.

And you can find them at the Sydney Fish Market. Yes, it’s that simple. So run (don’t walk), and we strongly suggest you get there before the lines do.

Prefer dumplings to doughnuts? Check this out.

Image credit: Jess Prince

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