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What Happens at The Lock In Stays at The Lock In

By Sophia Fukunishi
15th Jul 2015

Sure, The Grounds of Alexandria may seem like a family friendly location that’s filled with delicious food, a humorously named pig (have you met Kevin Bacon?), and damn fine coffee, but did you know something darker exists within these tasty, tasty confines?

Hidden inside the innocent sounding Potting Shed is a secret room where you and your crew can indulge in a night of, well, whatever you want. Step inside The Lock In, one of Sydney’s newest secret spaces.

Ramzey Choker, Co-Director of The Grounds of Alexandria says, “We created The Lock-In as a place guests can come with their family, friends or colleagues without being disturbed. Nothing leaves these four walls, guests are free to reveal their secrets, vent their stresses and discuss their deepest desires with their nearest and dearest.”

In this secluded room is where you’ll find all the good stuff too. You want that top shelf whisky? No problems. Planning on popping bottles? They’ve got you covered. Your personal (yep, personal!) bartender will mix up whatever takes your fancy, whether it’s the dirtiest of martinis or oldest of fashioneds. It’s basically like being in your own liquor den for the evening, which is totally something we can get on board with.

With seating for 20 people, or 30 standing, it’s the perfect place for hens nights, bucks parties, work lunches and events that require a little bit of mystery and a whole lot of cool. Customised drinks packages can be tailored to your event, and the food options are unsurprisingly top notch (it is The Grounds, after all), which means all you need to do is turn up, drink up, and eat your weight in deliciousness. Oh, and have tonnes of fun while you’re at it. 

So if you’ve been given the task of choosing a venue for your next do, and you want to fool your friends into thinking you’re cool (that’s okay, we think you’re cool), check out The Lock In

And remember, what happens at The Lock In, stays at The Lock In. 

Image credit: Jackielyn Powell

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