Where To Do Coffee Cupping Classes In Sydney

By Ellie Schneider
14th Jun 2014

Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or a novice, coffee cupping (or 'tasting' for the laymen) is a great way to test your taste buds and learn how to properly judge a cup of joe. Fragrance, aroma, sweetness, acidity, body, balance . . . now you can really talk the coffee talk!

For your drinking pleasure, we present the best coffee cupping classes in Sydney.

Reuben Hills | Surry Hills

The team at Reuben Hills takes their coffee pretty seriously. Head upstairs and you'll find yourself within a large-scale coffee laboratory, which is packed with complex equipment—strap on your goggles and white coats! For all you coffee fanatics who want to learn the tricks of the trade, Reuben Hills' scientists hold coffee cupping classes each Friday at 10am. First in first served.

Single Origin Roasters | Botany

Single Origin Roasters offers a rotating series of courses and seminars hosted by Master Tasters. Its Cup of Excellence classes will take you from Costa Rica to Honduras and El Salvador, to find out the best tasting beans on the cupping table. Keep an eye out for upcoming dates and classes. Spots fill up fast so get in quick!

Campos Coffee | Newtown

Can you tell the difference between a Guatemalan, Kenyan, or Mexican brew? Climb the stairs at Campos Coffee's flagship in Newtown to find a dedicated cupping room, showcasing coffee from all over the world. Cupping classes are held each Saturday (bookings essential) and take coffee fans behind the scenes providing an insight into the differences between regions and processing methods.

Mecca Espresso | Ultimo

Want to get to know your coffee better? Mecca Espresso offers weekly coffee cupping sessions in Sydney, which introduce participants to the cupping process and allow them to sample coffees from various regions and varietals. Its dedicated demo area is stocked with brewing hardware (from Hario syphons to AeroPress) that'll impress any coffee connoisseur. Spaces are limited so be sure to make a booking!

Toby's Estate | Woolloomooloo

Held at its Training HQ in Woollloomoooloo, the Toby's Estate Espresso School is the go-to coffee cupping class for budding baristas in Sydney. There are plenty of courses on offer, which cater to all levels of experience, spanning espresso foundations and application to brewing methods and latte art. If you're looking to roll up your sleeves and get dirty, the home roasting course offers in-depth coverage of growing coffee, processing, roasting, and tasting.

Image credit; Campos Coffee

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