Where To Get Healthy Takeout In Sydney

By Milly Ellen
8th Jul 2014

In a world of fast-food chains and assembly line food production, it's nice to see some Sydney foodies winding back the trend towards fresher produce, healthier meals, and innovative menus. But they're not compromising on convenience. Grab a (healthy) bite to eat at our top 7 picks for the best take-out in Sydney that won't result in you sobbing when trying on jeans or attempting to run for the bus.

Here are our picks for the best healthy takeaway food in Sydney.

Aboutlife | Rozelle

These guys are committed to keeping you healthy. On top of their cooking classes, marketplace and 'body and wellness' program designed to explore everyday naturopathy, Aboutlife also have a pretty extensive menu of yummy stuff that you can take away. Try the creamy coconut and quinoa porridge for a hearty dose of fibre, and for the burly burger fiends who have are intent on maintaining their waistlines, go for the whole beef and linseed burger.

Laurie's Vegetarian | Bondi

With a classic list of vegetarian favourites, including tofu burgers and empanadas, Laurie's Vegetarian in Bondi is rarely empty. Elbow your way in and grab a burger to go with minimal guilt and maximum kudos to the animal kingdom. Any reservations about vegan options should be disregarded—these guys have nailed the vegan dessert, so take one home for dessert.

Tre Viet | Newtown

Tret Viet have combined simple flavours to create flavoursome, healthy dishes that are perfect to take away. We think the key to healthy eating is to remove unnecessary additives and stick to simplicity. The menu here is [pho]nominal (sorry), and remains faithful to traditional Vietnamese cuisine: pho, hotpots, fresh spring rolls, and pork. Cut through the crowd and grab a bite to eat on the run—it's definitely better than many other Sydney fast-food alternatives.

MissChu | Darlinghurst

MissChu delivers her signature rice paper rolls and vermicelli salads with aplomb. Light and filling, we think this is the perfect solution for time poor folk who aren't willing to resort to the Golden Arches for their lunch.

Kyushu | Neutral Bay

If you've ever pondered the injustice of Japanese genetics blessing its citizens with long life and healthy habits, fear not! You can grab a slice of Japanese eating at Kyushu with its well-loved sashimi platters, agedashi tofu or standard lunch boxes, which consistently garner rave reviews. The queue may be long, but whatever the time taken, it's worth the wait to pick up some of the best healthy takeaway food in Sydney.

Little Indi | Alexandria

Using only seasonally rotating produce and working under the ethos of 'making the most of our produce, lane and environment', Little Indi has certainly made a splash on the Sydney take-away scene in the Inner West. Everything is sourced from Australia, and their commitment to vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and raw wholefoods is a welcome respite for health-conscious and earth-conscious consumers alike.

Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen | CBD

Priding itself on providing a welcoming environment for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians is Mother Chu's mission, and boy do they do it well. We urge you to give the Chili Noodle Claypot a crack and you should definitely order the vegetarian version of Kung Pao chicken, for a healthier take on the greasy Chinese classic. You'll get an excellent, tasty meal with no kitchen time required, but without the added guilt—it's healthy!

Image credit: A House In The Hills

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