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Where to Go Out On a Weeknight

By Daniel Colasimone
18th Sep 2014

Scientists entrenched deep in a high-tech lab in Switzerland have worked out that people who only go out on Friday and Saturday nights are wasting 71.42857% of the week's resources.

There are plenty of other days of the week to exploit. (Five, in fact.) While most of us are familiar with the Sunday session, Mondays through Thursdays are grossly neglected by many Australians when it comes to going out and having fun.

Especially for those of us who are single, weeknights should be embraced, not ignored. While couples love to sit at home knitting baby garments and eating quiche, those who are still unfettered should be out there enjoying themselves when bars are less crowded, dinner specials abound, and the atmosphere is generally more chilled and convivial.

Overlooking the potential of weekday shenanigans is like only using 10% of your brain (this is not an endorsement of LSD, there are other ways to expand your mind, kids).

It's also like when Medieval Europeans refused to eat potatoes because they thought they were poisonous. Weeknights are not poisonous, you fools! You can boil them and make delicious mash with butter, or you can fry them and put salt and balsamic vinegar on them or bake them in the oven with bacon bits and sour cream and cheese! 

Going out during the week should be a staple of every single person's diet, not a rare oddity to be enjoyed every once in a while. 

Are you guilty of not using your weeknights to their full advantage? Want someone to organise a weeknight party for you, where you can bring your pals, meet some new (very attractive) people, and score a round of drinks on the house? Of course you do, you gorgeous fool! Head on over to Winger, where they are all about the weeknight party.

And, while you're at it, check out our suggestions below for the best bars and restaurants in Sydney for you (and your group of 6) to hit up during the week.

The Local Taphouse | Darlinghurst

The only thing better than a bar with an expansive range of craft beers is when they back it up with savvy staff who can talk you through any one of them. Oh, and if they have tasting paddles! Downstairs at The Local Taphouse is warm and inviting, but on sunny days and balmy evenings you should shoot up to the roof bar to maximise your school-night drinking fun.

The Bank | Newtown

This bustling downtown hub has been going strong for years on the back of regular spruce ups, and is worth popping in to, any night of the week. Choose from the beer garden, the front bar looking onto King Street, and the Upstairs bar, which often features live music acts. The Bank serves food until 10pm and stays open 'til the wee hours of the morning, so it's an excellent option for those who finish work late in the city and want to cut loose a little!

The Norfolk | Surry Hills

Surry Hills' favourite den of revelry is bound to be bouncing, whichever day of the week you happen to stop by. Food and drink specials every day draw the punters and it is pretty hard to leave once you have sampled the bubbly atmosphere. Two distinct areas—one a fairly standard bar with footy on the big screens, the other a slicker affair for more image-conscious patrons—means everyone is catered for. Oh, and did we mention the cheesy American-style seafood shack, House of Crabs, upstairs? Thought you'd like that.

Firefly | Neutral Bay

A pleasant experience all round, Firefly in Neutral Bay is perfect for a few drinks and a bite to eat before or after catching a show in the theatre district. A nice range of dishes decorate the tapas-style menu, and it's definitely most fun if you order a variety of stuff and share it around. 

York Lane Bar | CBD

The little bar/café is just as cute as a button, and conveniently open till 10pm every night. Good things do indeed come in small packages. You'll love the friendly staff at York Lane, and they can serve you up tasty tapas, coffee, wine, beer, and a range of spirits. It's a little bit secret squirrel as well.

The Soda Factory | Surry Hills

Channelling a 1950s American Drugstore/Diner, The Soda Factory thankfully glosses over the innocence of those cherry-cola-drinkin', hot-dog-eatin' times by serving up a wide variety of alcoholic cocktails and other less-than-wholesome (but delicious) beverages. And the hot dogs are actually magnificent, so make sure you get into the swing of things by ordering one of those.

The Passage | Darlinghurst

For a fairly small spot, located in a passageway (geddit?) between Victoria Street and Darlinghurst Road, The Passage is certainly big on character. Lots of gleaming surfaces and stylish-looking peeps make it a cool hang out, but the food is genuinely tasty and the bartenders make a mean cocktail, so in this case, style is matched with plenty of substance.

Looking for something to spice up your weeknights? Keen to have a great night out with your mates, have your first round shouted at one of Sydney's best bars, and meet some new peeps while you're at it? Check out Winger then, whydontcha? It's a new invite-only online social club and it's pretty rad. Click here to find out more.

Image credit: The Local TaphouseFirefly

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