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Where To Adopt Animals In Sydney

By Millie Hilton
23rd May 2017

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We all know that moment when you lock eyes with your soul mate for the first time; your heart starts beating a billion times a minute, you get all hot and flustered, and you feel this instant invisible tether drawing you to them. Don’t mistake this for a bae appreciation post—we mean our furry friends; those lovable companions that meow or woof and are always by our side.

If you’ve never experienced this heart-warming moment, we think it’s about time you do. We’ve found the best places to adopt animals in Sydney where you could turn a sad situation into one of pure joy, for you and your new furry pal.


We’ll start off with the obvious, because they are oh-so-reliable and equally adorable. The RSPCA are committed to their animals and require pet owners-to-be, not only seriously full of love and affection, but also lots of responsibility in your new companion’s welfare. P.S. the RSPCA does not discriminate—if you were serious about the farm idea, then you can take your pick from birds, reptiles, goats, horses, pigs, sheep…You get the gist.

Monika’s Doggie Rescue

Monika’s Doggie Rescue has a five-step adoption process and is keen to give their pups a second chance in a new loving home. Select your new BFF by their size, age or by your lifestyle; be it apartment friendly, good with kids, or special needs. If your partner is not 100% convinced about getting a new housemate, you can even do a trial by fostering a doggie for a few months. By the end of it, we’re sure bae will be begging to keep the pup long term.

Pet Rescue

This national animal welfare charity is allowing you to drive off with a carload of kittens to live out your cat lady fantasy. Or puppies if you’re after your very own Fido. Or bunnies. Or birds.


If you’re a first time dog owner we highly recommend looking at Greyhounds As Pets. This not-for-profit initiative was first coordinated by Greyhound Racing of NSW and is dedicating their efforts in the adoption and fostering of beautiful doggies to Sydneysiders. As for what you’re in for with a greyhound? Think a generally healthy breed (lifespan around 12 to 14 years), with a gentle temperament, low exercise demand, minimal grooming, and a whole lotta skinny love.


The World League for Protection of Animals is committed to promoting the wellbeing and rights of all animals. While they don’t have a central shelter, there is a small network of volunteer foster carers who look after the animals until they are ready to be adopted by the likes of us. So much love to give, so little time —so enquire ASAP to get your hands on your future pawfect companion.

No room for a pet? Eat your emotions here

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