Where To Find The Best Drunk Food In Sydney

By Phoebe McRae
10th Nov 2016

sydney's best drunk food

We all know drunk food is the best kind of food. Just in time for silly season, we’ve stumbled our way through Sydney to bring you a list of the best spots for a cheeky (but incredibly necessary) feed, when you’re 10 (or 20) drinks deep, and have lost your phone.

Here is the definitive list of the best drunk food in Sydney.

Crackles Classic At Mr Crackles


A night out on Oxford street pre lock out laws was never complete without a trip to Mr Crackles and not much has changed post curfew. Whether it’s 9pm or 3am, you’re pretty much guaranteed to run into someone you know, so order your Crackles Classic with a side of crackling and share a cab home.

Notorious P.I.G. Pizza At Epic Pizza

Surry Hills

Anywhere with a 22” pizza is always going to be a good idea when you’re drunk AF (or sober) so make sure you stop by Epic Pizza on your way home (or just get it delivered, duh). With pizza slices the size of your face, this New York style pizza palace was pretty much created for the intoxicated.

Tater Tots At Thirsty Bird

Potts Point

Potato is the most underrated vegetable to ever exist. It comes in infinite forms, from hash browns to fries, and every single type tastes damn delicious— especially when drunk. If you like your booze food crispy, crunchy and full of carbs then the Tater Tots at Thirsty Bird were fried just for you.

Double Tikka Jumbo Kebab At Indian Home Diner


Kebabs are the most obvious go-to after a big night of boozin’ but trust us when we say that Indian kebabs beat any other. Melt in your mouth cheese naan, smothered with your choice of meat curry sauce (butter chicken obvs), stuffed with chicken tikka AND onion bhaji, then all rolled into one – it literally soaks up every last alcoholic drop. Thank us in the morning.

Chicken Bites At Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

CBD + other locations

We all know fried chicken is pretty much a pastime of anyone who’s had a drink and lucky for us, Hot Star dishes up smaller bites (think popcorn chicken) well into the early morning. These succulent nuggets of crispy goodness are flavoured with just the right amount of spice and served up so bloody hot you might even burn your tongue.

A Full On Feast At Golden Century


If you’re after a full on drunken feast, Golden Century has everything you could ask for. From honey soy chicken to salt and pepper squid, it’s open until 4am every night of the week and is even BYO if you’re gutsy enough to keep the shenanigans going.

Mac ‘n Cheese Burger At Night Hawk Diner

Food Truck

The only thing better than mac ‘n cheese when you’re drunk is a mac ‘n cheese burger. This heavenly creation is what drunk dreams were made of, stuffed with baked macaroni and four cheeses (which have been crumbed AND deep fried) as well as all the other things that make for greasy, greasy goodness when you’ve lost your buzz.

Now that you've tackled your drunk food dilemma, here's what you should have when you wake up a little dusty.

Image credit: Epic Pizza

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