Where To Find The Best Mashed Potato In Sydney

By Sophia Richardson
20th Feb 2018

best mashed potato sydney

The fact you can transform an ugly potato into the smooth and buttery bowl of heaven that is mash potato, is really an act of god (or chefs in this case). From the cheap to the luxe, mash potato holds a place in all of our hearts, and that’s a fact.

We now present to you the very best mashed potato in Sydney.



If you’re a regular at Mary’s in Newtown, you’re well aware it’s almost illegal to get a burger without their mashed potato and gravy. One’s meal is not complete until you’ve dipped your hot chip into this salty, crispy, smooth and creamy combo again and again.

The Dining Room

Park Hyatt, The Rocks

It’s worth going in and getting a vat of this stuff just because it is the silkiest, butteriest mashed potato you have ever had in your life. Fact. Rumour has it the kitchen employs leprechauns to puree the potatoes until they are basically whipped. Okay, that was a lie. But seriously—these are some of the best mashed potatoes you will ever have. Next question. 

Aria Restaurant

Circular Quay

Ok, so if you’re dining at Aria you’re probably going to be more focused on the mains, but hear us out. Their mash potato is so simple yet so damn divine, it is one confusing whirlwind of potato goodness. Sprinkled with chives, it’s likely you’ll finish your meal and ask for more damn mashed potato (please sir). We’re sure the wait staff are used to this kind of crazy mash-fiend behaviour.

Howard's Cantina And Cocktail Bar


The revamped top floor of the Rose of Australia Hotel is the latest addition to the already pretty bloody great Inner West. As the name suggests, food and booze are the game here and our hot tip is to BYO stretchy pants. The menu is perfect for sharesies, with clever takes on old favourites (we're looking at you mashed potato with three types of fat).

Harry’s Café De Wheels

Multiple Locations

Iconic pies need iconic mash potato, which is why Harry’s Café De Wheels serve some pretty tasty mash. Their mash totally transforms the simple steak pie into a buttery potato party, to which we’re all invited.

The Meat & Wine Co

Circular Quay

If mash potatoes could marry, it would choose meat and wine—no joke. The Meat & Wine Co offers up some pretty hot potatoes that will rock your (mash potato focused) world. Don’t shoot the messenger, but it would be a crime to get a steak sans mash, so do yourself (and all Australians) proud and opt for the mash potato here, always.


Multiple Locations

Just hold up one moment, guys. Save your judgements for another time, because whether you like it or not, KFC serves up some creamy AF mash that will only set you back a couple of dollars. Let’s all jump off our high horses and accept that KFC knows how to potato.

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Image credit: Howards Cantina | Supplied

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