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Where To Get A Lash Lift In Sydney

By Rachel Stevenson
7th Nov 2016

Forget eyelash extensions, it’s all about lash lifts now. Not sure what a lash lift actually entails, how much it costs or where on earth to get one? Keep on reading my friends.

What Is This Wizardry?

Basically, a lash lift does what it says on the tin: lifts your lashes from the root to create a natural and subtle look that will both add the illusion of length to your lashes, as well as making your eyes appear bigger. Super.

How Does It Work?

It’s essentially a perm for your eye lashes. Your beauty technician will place silicone pads onto your eyelids to mould the shape of your eyelashes. A bonding gel will then be used to grip your lashes onto the pad in an upwards and outwards direction. Following this, a perming solution, followed by a neutralizer and (finally) a lash conditioner will be put onto your lashes. Last step: a tint to finish off. 

How Long Does It Last?

Interested yet? Course you are. How long does it last, and do you still need to wear makeup though? Lash lifts usually last about 8 weeks, but some magic salons promise results that last up to 12 weeks! Woah. And what’s better, no makeup is required. Although, if you do want to wear mascara on top (get you), that’s ok too and will leave you with super-duper, amazing, wow eyelashes (scientific phrase.)

Ok, so now that you’re sold, how much will this sorcery set you back? While quite pricey (around $100), we guarantee the results are worth it.

Now, where to get said lifts? Here are our fave Sydney-side lash bars, broken down into suburbs. Cos we’re helpful like that. 

Amy Jean Eye Couture


Titled a ‘root lift’ for natural lashes, Amy Jean Eye Couture uses silicone moulds to both lengthen and curl your lashes. Ideal for those who don’t want OTT lash extensions and prefer a natural look, the lash lift takes just an hour and includes 4 stages: Lifting solution, setting, lash tint and lash conditioner! Who knew lashes needed conditioning?!

The Lash Studio


A boutique salon, The Lash Studio uses a revolutionary system involving silicone pads to lift lashes from the root. These guys promise to create a natural look that appears to elongate lashes. Perfect for both short and long lashes, a lash lift can last up to 12 weeks from here! 

Eyebrow Experts

Double Bay

These guys promise volume, and they definitely deliver. Offering convenience and a time saving solution, a lash lift here is the perfect pre-holiday pamper, ensuring you don’t need to bother with mascara when you’re in and out of the pool/dripping sweat into your eyes in the heat. 

Elegant Lashes

Bondi Junction and Parramatta

Unlike lash perms, Elegant Lashes lifts your lashes up, ensuring you can see more of your lashes and again making them seem longer, in turn leaving your eyes looking larger and more vibrant. Win! 



StudioLASH Experienced Beauty Professionals (sounds fancy) create natural, not to mention perfect lash lifts, leaving you with fluttery lashes you’ll totes want to show off. 

The Brow Bar


Home to The Lash Bar Lounge, The Brow Bar offer the very tip top best experts in lashes. Might as well go the whole hog and get your brows done by these experts too, right?

Kristen Fisher Eyebrows

Double Bay

This gorgeous salon offers guests the perfect lash lift, including lash tint, all in the comfort of the laavely Double Bay. Head here for a seriously luxurious pampering session. 

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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