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Where To Get Mulled Wine In Sydney

By Angela Law
6th Jul 2016

best bars to get mulled wine in Sydney 2016

As the mercury dips below 10°C and Sydneysiders become progressively more confused (‘I need to wear a scarf AND gloves?!’), bars in Sydney are polishing off their ladles and refining their mulled wine recipes. Yep, this is one for those cold nights when you really don’t want to leave the comfort of your heater and fluffy bed socks.  

Don’t worry Sydney, mulled wine has come to ease the chill and warm you from the inside out (while delivering an equally cosy buzz) and a couple of other mulled libations, just for good measure.

The Commons


Each year The Commons tweak their popular mulled wine recipe and win their spot as one of Sydney’s favourite mulled wines, and 2016 is no different. It combines all of the classic flavours that you would expect from a great mulled wine; orange, cinnamon, star anise and cloves and is served in a cute enamel mug.

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel 

Watsons Bay

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean that we need to avoid all of the popular summer hangouts, especially when Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel is offering $10 mulled cider as part of Watsons Warmer. To make the sea breeze more bearable, you can also grab a chicken and mushroom pie, Tuscan soup and sticky date pudding. Trust us—the view is just as sweet in the winter.

Della Hyde


As always, Della Hyde is taking the seasonal favourites to new heights, with two options on the mulled wine front as part of their winter menu. You can ease into the evening with a classic mulled wine and work your way towards the mulled wine daiquiri as things become more serious. It is made with Havana 7year, mulled wine syrup and fresh lime, FYI. 

The Powder Keg

Potts Point

The mulled wine at The Powder Keg is not your average glass of red, that’s for damn sure. It’s hardly surprising, considering all of their cocktails are smoked, set in glass spheres or hovering over one form of pyrotechnics or another. Their made to order mulled wine is no different, resembling a science experiment, it features a round distilling flask suspended over a Bunsen burner and an elaborate funnel holding all of the citrus and spices on top. 



For those moments when you are in need of a warm, comforting hug from Granny, Grandma’s is the place to go when you need to curl up in a hand-knitted blanket and sip on some of the warm stuff. We aren’t talking about an English Breakfast (although it is served in a bone china teacup), but Grandma’s mulled cab merlot with, grilled pineapple, brown sugar, rum, orange slices and spices.  

Lobo Plantation


In true Lobo Plantation fashion, their mulled wine is a year-round mulled wine cocktail, which is the perfect compromise between a relaxed bevvie and a big night. It’s called the ‘Mull It Over’ and combines gin, sloe gin, fresh lemon juice and Lobo's mulled wine and plum reduction (AKA all the good stuff). 



Hitting us with the double whammy, Sede obviously couldn’t decide whether to include mulled wine or apple cider on the menu and decided on both instead (and we aren’t complaining). Both are spicy. Both are warm. And both are delicious.

The Little Guy


Specialising in Australian craft brews, boutique wines and a cocktail list that changes on the reg (monthly, to be precise), The Little Guy shows as much love to their mulled wine as they do their loyal patrons. Served au naturale in a wine glass, the mulled wine comes with unlimited popcorn, dim lighting, romantic candlelit bar top and endless banter. 

Bar Chinois 


Bar Chinois is perfect place to escape the sudden cold while cruising past Spice Alley and their mulled wine is certainly paying homage to their French and Chinese fusion roots. Combining flavours from each culture, their mulled wine is a spicy combination of all rum, star anise, lemon, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. Yep, we feel warmer already too.

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