Where To Get The Best Haloumi Dishes In Sydney

By Ange Law
12th Nov 2016

Halloumi Fries Brisbane

It goes without saying that haloumi is one of the best meal additions of all time. It’s just a plain old fact that every single savoury dish can be improved with the addition of this glorious fried cheese. To be fair, we don’t really care whether it comes on its own, as part of a dish or as a side dish for the table. Haloumi is bae. End of. 

These are our fave haloumi things in Sydney and if you haven’t tried out all of them yet, we recommend that you add them to your list, like, right now.

Haloumi Fries at EAT GRK 

Beverley Hills

We’re starting with the obvious winner, for very obvious reasons; haloumi fries. HALOUMI. FRIES. Fries, made from haloumi. We’re not sure why this hasn’t been a thing until now and we’re also not sure why every single restaurant in Sydney isn’t serving them, but these little sticks of heaven are all of your dreams come true. Cut to the size of fries, they’re lightly fried to perfection and served with sweet chilli dipping sauce. Simple — yet perfect.

Grilled Haloumi With Pita at Millone’s Ristorante + Bar

Baulkham Hills

Simple and straight to the point is exactly what the grilled haloumi starter at Millone’s is aaaalllll about and we are 1000% okay with that. The dish is exactly what the name suggests, with the golden haloumi pieces served with pita bread and a big old lemon wedge. The menu says grilled, but we think fried. Either way, it’s delicious. 

Haloumi With Honey at Embers Mezze Bar


The haloumi dish at Embers is more reminiscent of saganaki, which isn’t a bad thing since we’re positive that there’s no human alive that would be upset with anything saganaki related (apart from there being none left). To paint you a little picture, this one is swimming in lemon and honey and is sprinkled with za’tar. It’s the haloumi of your dreams and you know it.  

Jersey Milk Haloumi at Nomad

Surry Hills

As you’d expect, the haloumi at Nomad is made in house and is treated with the absolute respect that it deserves. Served simply with tomato and oregano (read: bathed in tomato and oregano), it’s presented in a sizzling cast iron skillet, so you know it’s fresh AF.

Veggie Patch at Speedo's 

North Bondi

Known for their wholesome meals and photogenic food porn, it’s no surprise that Speedo's is loving haloumi sick. The veggie patch is where it’s at, with haloumi served with soft poached za’atar eggs, mushroom, cherry tomato and basil on rye sourdough toast. Since it’s healthy, we’ll take two thanks #noragrets.

Stavros Stavrou at Zeus Street Greek

Multiple Locations

Zeus Street Greek has become a Sydney staple for anyone seeking out delicious, fuss-free Greek street food, so it’s expected that they grill haloumi like an absolute boss at every location. For a fix of the cheesy stuff, you’ll want to order the Stavros Stavrou, which is a pita stuffed with grilled haloumi, Aegean slaw, olive tapenade, caramelised onion, tzatziki, tomato and parsley. I.e. all of the delicious Greek things. 

Green Shakshuka With Haloumi at Shuk

North Bondi

Not strictly a haloumi dish, the green shakshuka at Shuk is merely a breakfast that’s delicious all on its own, but is made all the better when you spring for the side of haloumi. The green shakshuka has most of the green vegetables you can think of, like fennel, zucchini, spinach and kale (obvs) as well as other tasty bits like caramelised onion, feta, eggs, cream, olives and sourdough. Oh, and don’t forget to add the haloumi, because we know you can’t resist.

Haloumi Saganaki at Alpha


As I mentioned before, saganaki is always a solid life choice (yes, it’s a life choice) so when you head down to Alpha for dinner, be sure to order the haloumi saganaki, drenched in ouzo, lemon, tomato and caramelised fennel then try to get away with eating it all by yourself. 

Halloumi Burger at Veggie Patch Van

Various Locations

A haloumi burger is definitely the safest vegetarian burger option going around, because while we can’t go past a cheeky little cheeseburger, the lure of gooey haloumi on a soft bun is more than we can resist. We’re only human, after all. The burger served at the Veggie Patch Van is pan-fried haloumi with fennel and pick grapefruit pickles, kale and red cabbage slaw, chipotle sauce and dill mayo sandwiches between two halves of a soft bun.

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Image credit: The Yiros Shop

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