Why You Should Give In To Those 3pm Cravings

By Tennille Ziegler
31st Oct 2016

You’ve got those Monday arvo feels…you’ve had a great weekend, which may have endured a hangover, and it maaay have crept into Monday.

Flag being healthy on a post hangover day (which also happens to be the most dreaded day of the week). We give you credit if you’ve managed to hold out til this afternoon. Now there’s no need to feel guilty about giving into those 3pm cravings, well that’s what we’re saying at least.

Here are 20 reasons why you should give into those 3pm cravings…or so we reckon.

  1. It’ll make you feel better about your post-weekend mood.
  2. Studies show that it’s good for your metabolism to snack throughout the day.
  3. Chocolate = happiness (there’s proof!).
  4. You can spike your sugar levels to get that extra energy boost instead of a coffee.
  5. It may prevent you from overindulging later on.
  6. They say summer bods are made in winter…you’ve missed the boat, buddy.
  7. Or, if you are yet to give up, you may get a spark of energy and decide to hit the gym after work.
  8. Or, you may not, and you may opt for a wine instead, which is equally (if not more) fun.
  9. If your craving happens to be something full of (natural) fats, go for your life! This will help keep your energy at a steady pace.
  10. If you’re still trying to be healthy, you can make a faux ice cream—whip up some frozen banana, cacao and a dash of golden syrup for creamy goodness.
  11. It’ll give you a reason to escape your desk for 5 minutes.
  12. If you’re an emotional eater, eating that slice of cake in the arvo will bring you happiness.
  13. Planning on what snack you’re going to eat at 3pm will give you something to look forward to.
  14. Walking to the corner store will basically burn the same amount of calories you’re about to consume. Fair game, right?
  15. Snacking is part of a balanced lifestyle; you’re just looking after the enjoyment part when reaching for your snack.
  16. According to research waiting until you’re really hungry to eat can affect your metabolism negatively.
  17. Life’s too short not to enjoy good food (or wine for that matter).
  18. Keep your tummy rumbles quiet out of consideration for your co-workers.
  19. Eating food you enjoy releases dopamine, so you basically get the same feelings as a workout.
  20. Your body can release stress hormones when you’re hungry, so eating will actually calm you down. 

Image credit: Lauren Matilda Matthews

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