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Would You Live In A Flat-Pack Home?

By Alice I'Anson
30th Sep 2016

Flat Pack Homes Sydney

Move over Ikea, you’ve got some tough competition for the best flat packs in the business. Big World Homes is delivering Sydney its first flat-packed, off-grid, tiny homes. 

These homes could be just the solution you’re looking for when it comes to fiiiiiiiinally breaking in to the housing market, and at just $65K a pop, it’s really a no brainer. 

So how do we all become flat-pack property moguls? You start by ordering your home online, yes you are about to online shop for your house. It then arrives flat-packed and can be built by 2 people, using only simply tools. But for those of us that take a day to build one chest of drawers, perhaps BYO your own crew for this one.

These tiny homes come complete with solar panels to power the house, and the water system comes from inbuilt rainwater tanks. So they’re not only cheap but green as well.. 

Check them out in all their flat-pack glory at the Sydney Architecture Festival Hub at Central Park, Chippendale and get your property portfolio started. 


What: Flat Packed, Off – Grid, Tiny Homes are coming to Sydney
Where: Architecture Festival Hub, Central Park, Chippendale 
When: 29 September – 3 October 

But if you aren't quite ready to adult yet, do this instead. 

Image credit: Big World Homes

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