You Can Now Stay In A Hidden Tiny House

By Simone Jovel
2nd Apr 2017

tiny house sydney

Anyone that’s ever wanted to pack it all in and move to a tiny house in the middle of nowhere, you now can—sorta. Australian start-up Unyoked have brought the tiny house craze to our sometimes sunny shores, making it possible for stressed out Sydneysiders to escape the mundane 9-5 in the middle of the wilderness.

These sustainable and solar powered pockets of fun are hidden in secret locations (cue intrigue) 2 hours drive from Sydney. Made from timber, and complete with a bed, hot shower and composting toilet, there is no Wi-Fi nor a single other human being in sight. They also throw in firewood, coffee, milk and herbs, so we won’t blame you if you’re already coming up with an excuse to move in permanently.

With ranging levels of adventure like spicy, you know you’re in for a good time. As for what spicy means exactly? Think dirt road and only accessible by a 200m walk through the rainforest. Hello serenity.

The best part? Late check out is the only check out option; it’s safe to say these guys just get us.

Escape into the wilderness here.

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Image credit: Unyoked

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