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6 Eco-Friendly Australian Beauty Brands You Need To Try

By Olivia Arezzolo - 11 Jun 2019

Everyone's interested in sustainability these days. Millennials, Gen Y, Gen Z (Baby Boomers are more interested in property investment, but they'll try to remember green bags when they can).

Beauty brands have cottoned-on. The ones below have all made the wise investment to align themselves with eco-friendly ingredients, practices and manufacturing. We've given them the green thumbs up.

To celebrate Sustainability Month here at Urban List, these are the best new eco-friendly beauty brands in Australia. 

Image credit: Edible Beauty

Edible Beauty

Crafted by naturopath and nutritionist Anna Mitsos, Edible Beauty is pretty much wrapped in sustainability. Literally. Designed from Miron Glass, the packaging not only avoids the use of plastic but also enhances the longevity of your product by blocking UV rays. Translation: less wastage. Here's the cool bit: the special glass also allows the entry of violet light, which optimises the botanical ingredients inside. Again, that boosts the quality so you use less product. Win/win. 

Image credit: Mukti Organics

Mukti Organics

Hailing from the Sunny Coast, Mukti Organics is a force when it comes to eco-friendly ingredients. They favour native Australian extracts like Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and indigenous plants over imported ones. That reduces transport mileage and the overall refinement process. The brand also invests extensively in advanced extraction methods to minimise disruption to the biosphere. They take sustainable product sourcing very seriously. 

Image credit: Inika Organics

Inika Organics

Inika Organics are great. We're talking 100% certified organic and vegan make-up, without compromising on quality. This brand also makes a big effort to maximise renewable resources and minimise consumption of water, energy and soil. They've also got fully recyclable product packaging, plus the containers themselves. Definitely a good one if you're looking to keep your beauty footprint down. 

Image credit: Lovekins


Think sanitation and sanitary pads don’t mix? Think again. Lovekins developed Australia’s first-Non-Adhesive Core Technology, which means no toxic glue (sanitary glue is a real environmental killer). It's a pretty sweet Aussie innovation, and the core tech even boosts the absorption rate, giving you maximum ROI on each pad. Nifty. 

Image credit: Karen Murrell

Karen Murrell

Let your lips do the talking on this one: Karen Murrell not only prints their packaging with vegetable-based ink, but they also source the paper from an FSC-certified printing company—that means one which practices responsible forest management. Inside the lippy’s themselves, each shade is free from nasties like coal tar, carmine, triclosan and mineral oils. Good for the environment, good for you. 

Image credit: Clemence Organics

Clemence Organics

Clemence Organics started in the Blue Mountains. It's an eco-conscious brand that maximises recycled packaging such as aluminium and glass. They also exclude harmful ingredients like microbeads and opt instead for certified organic botanicals. This optimises the antioxidants and reduces the amount you need to use without compromising on result. Nice. 

Let's take this show on the road: here are 7 tips for being a more sustainable traveller.

Image credit: Julian Hochgesang

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