Adopt A Cute Little Bilby And Help This Local Wildlife Sanctuary

By Claire Plush
17th Apr 2020

adopt a bilby

We’re massive advocates for adopting a new friend from local animal shelters and zoos, we even added a handful of koalas to our Urban List team post bushfires. True story. 

And now, we’re fist-pumping over the news that you can now adopt a cute little bilby from our favourite local wildlife sanctuary. 

The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary have just opened their books for anyone who is looking to adopt one of these furry creatures, with funds helping to keep this threatened Australian native animal fed and looked after during these uncertain COVID-19 times and beyond.

With their doors officially closed to the public, this lush sanctuary that we’ve all got memories of needs our help, now more than ever. 

It’ll cost you $59 a year, which is only a little more than a dollar a week, and you’ll receive a small Bilby cuddly (save it for your nephew’s birthday), certificate, fact sheet and a quarterly update about your new little mates.  

Seal the deal with a look at this super-cute bilby video, then jump over to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary website to find out more. 

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Image credit: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

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