North America
A Stunning Art Exhibition Has Popped Up In The Palm Springs Desert

If you’re planning a trip to California in the next few months, you’ll be excited to know Desert X is coming to the Coachella… Read More +

Art & Design
Art Beat | Add These Blockbuster Melbourne Exhibitions To Your Calendar In 2019

We’ll admit that there is no shortage of exhibitions in Melbourne in an average year. But 2019 is starting to look like it might be a… Read More +

The Entire Supreme Skate Deck Collection Is About To Be Auctioned Off

I’m no financial expert, but I’d say collector Ryan Fuller made a pretty good call when he started collecting Supreme skate… Read More +

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Everything You Need To Know About Museum Of The Moon

Whether you'd define yourself as a space-geek or not, call it wild fascination or complete lunacy, we've all dreamed of flying… Read More +

Art & Design
This Richmond Furniture Store Is Hosting An Exclusive Miniature Chair Exhibition

There’s something about miniatures that makes people go wild and Living Edge seems to have picked up on it. The furniture store is… Read More +

Art & Design
Here’s Where You Can Buy Art For A Good Cause This Week

We all need a little more art on our walls, whether we can afford it or not. So, if you are in the market to spruce up your walls, why not… Read More +

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