20 Things To Do In Sydney On A Budget

By Ange Law
10th Oct 2016

If you’re anything like us, you ate, drank and online shopped your way through winter like there was no tomorrow and now you’re feeling pretty sorry for yourselves, because there actually is a tomorrow and it’s looking bleak savings-wise.

Well, fear not my friends! Your social life is no longer in squalor because—with the help of Bankwest’s handy budgeting tool and savings calculator—we’re bringing you all of the rad things to eat, see, drink and do in Sydney, even if you’re on a tight-ass allowance.

Here are 20 things to do in Sydney on a budget!

  1. Pick up some bargains at the Glebe Markets
  2. Visit a dog park and pat all of the strangers’ cute puppies, because it’s obviously every dog owner’s favourite thing to have a stranger approach their dog, with outstretched arms and baby talk.
  3. Pick up a coffee and wander through The Grounds on a Sunday morning. Go on, treat yo’self to a chocolate covered strawberry while you’re at it.
  4. Control yourself and only eat two doughnuts, rather than your regular five, at the new Grumpy Donuts.
  5. Do as the tourists do and wander over the Harbour Bridge on a sunny day.
  6. Stock up on cheap wine and have a big night in.
  7. Make like a Californian and hire a cruiser bike from Manly Bike Tours for an hour.
  8. Check out the world’s craziest collection of contemporary Chinese art at White Rabbit Gallery.
  9. Go nuts at the two-hour happy hour at The Thirsty Wolf in Newtown.
  10. Bring your own wine (and crew) to La Cappola and have a pizza for us while you’re there.
  11. Forego fine dining and grab one of these pub meals instead.
  12. Sign up for a free class at Urban Yoga, but be warned, you'll probably want to keep going long after savasana has finished.
  13. Jump on the Circular Quay to Manly ferry and watch the sun set over The Bridge from the water.
  14. Hit up Manly Wine, while your there. It’s a classic for a reason guys.
  15. Spend all your hard earned cash, or actually stick to your budget and order the appropriate amount of plates at MediTrainean.
  16. Do some good with your hard earned cash at Lentil As Anything where you can pay as you feel and feast on tasty vegan fare
  17. Take advantage of $6 pints at The Beresford from 6pm—8pm every Sunday. Need we say more?
  18. Eat your weight in chicken wings at Black Penny—they’re 50 cents each, for Pete’s sake.
  19. Pick up a take home tub of gelato at the brand spanking new Messina Gelato at Circular Quay.
  20. Brave the queues at Hong Ha to have one of Sydney’s best Bahn Mis. The wait will be worth it, we promise. In fact—order two. You can afford it.

Image credit: Jackielyn Powell at The Grounds

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