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20 Unusual Cocktails To Try In Sydney

By Phoebe Chen
31st Jul 2014

While martinis, cosmopolitans, and margaritas remain stalwarts in our cultural lexicon, plenty of Sydney bars and eateries have ventured into unusual territory with creative (and occasionally baffling) cocktail medleys. Intrepid forays include drinks with duck fat-infused alcohol, peanut butter, and rosemary syrup.

To aid you on your flavour odyssey, we've compiled a list of options, from the vaguely familiar to the terrifyingly outlandish. Here are our picks of the best cocktails in Sydney that you haven't tried yet.

  1. The Napoleon at the Lobo Plantation—an explosive combination of sherry, mint, chili, and ginger beer.
  2. PBJ Sour at Miss Peaches—lunchbox staple transformed with bourbon, peanut butter, and cherry juice.
  3. Dem Appelz at Hartsyard—conjure the flavour profile of an apple pie with tuaca liqueur, honey, spiced apple, and egg white.
  4. The Group Hug share jug at The Beresford—a herbal concoction of Zubrowka bison grass vodka, chamomile, and apple.
  5. Doug Laming's Margarita at Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining—spherified pearls of Souza Gold tequila matched with Cointreau caviar.
  6. Absinthe frappe at Eau de Vie—a tame variation of the Green Fairy with absinthe, maraschino liqueur, honey, and crushed ice.
  7. Green Eggs and Ham at The Victoria Room—an unorthodox mix of green chartreuse, black chocolate liqueur, a whole egg, and roasted wattle seeds.
  8. Pagoda at Uncle Ming's—fire and zest with mescal, brandy, lemon, chili, and egg.
  9. Machine Gun Jubblies at The Passage—luxurious textures with spiced rum, butter-infused vodka, and espresso.
  10. Bloody Growler at Old Growler—a Bloody Mary made with pork-fat washed tequila.
  11. Rum and Raisin Blazer at Rockpool Bar & Grill—a conflagration of rum, madeira, coffee, and raisins set aflame upon serving.
  12. Formidable Beetroot Martini at The Hive Bar—vodka, apple liqueur infused with the earthy undercurrents of beetroot juice.
  13. Tea Smoked Duck Sazerac at Zeta Bar—meat and spice coalesce for the adventurous palate with duck fat-washed Bullet rye, cognac, sugar syrup, star anise, and bitters.
  14. Candied Mai Tai at 34 Degrees South—siren call for sweet tooths with rum, almond syrup, and lime served over fairy floss.
  15. Bubble gum at Li'l Darlin—flavours of childhood distilled into vanilla vodka and bubblegum syrup.
  16. Bourbon Milk Sundae at Hinky Dinks—dairy and alcohol become a faultless pairing in spiced bourbon and vanilla bean ice cream.
  17. #96 at Grasshopper—licorice undertones of absinthe with honeydew melon and egg white.
  18. Well Thymed at Grandma's—bourbon finds an unusual partner in rhubarb and thyme puree.
  19. Guilty Pleasure at Since I Left You—citrus and spice adorn hazelnuts in Pimms, Frangelico, and spiced syrup.
  20. Papi's Iced Tea at Papi Chulo—English propriety and the Caribbean collide in iced earl grey and rum.

Got a suggestion for unusual cocktails in Sydney that we should add to this list? Let us know, below!

Image credit: Eau de Vie

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