The 25 Best Ice Cream Dishes In Sydney

By Ellie Schneider
17th Nov 2014

We know Sydneysiders are obsessed with dessert, particularly those of the frozen variety. So to welcome the warm weather we've rounded up the 25 best ice cream dishes in Sydney. No doubt you'll be licking your plate clean.

  1. The legendary pretzel ice cream, banana doughnut and salted fudge sundae at Hartsyard is satisfying dessert cravings city-wide.
  2. Swing into the 50s with the bourbon and vanilla cherry coke float at The Soda Factory.
  3. Pumping out some of the best food in Sydney, Ms G's 'Bruce Springsteen' features buttered popcorn ice cream, salted caramel and honeycomb.
  4. For something a bit quirky, Din Tai Fung's taro gelato with golden taro bread is jam-packed with flavour.
  5. Dig into Pat and Sticks ice cream sandwiches with caramel sauce, cream and strawberries at Stitch Bar.
  6. We're going nuts for ACME's Jerusalem artichoke ice cream with hazelnut praline.
  7. Coogee Pavilion's rhubarb sundae with vanilla sponge, rhubarb swirl ice cream, granola and meringue is all kinds of right.
  8. For you gluten-free kids, dive into Fat Rupert's gluten-free chocolate brownie with vanilla bean ice cream.
  9. Messina – need we say more?!
  10. Step into Cowbell 808 for its ricotta pancakes with bacon ice cream and maple syrup.
  11. Bring on The Burger Project's rocky road ice cream.
  12. Can't go past Nutella crepes (yes, we're addicted) topped with fresh strawberries, banana and whipped vanilla cream at Pocket Bar.
  13. Cho Cho San's green tea soft serve in a waffle cone has certainly got our attention!
  14. Stir things up with Bouncy Bounty, Ferrero Reveal or Reese Withcake (get it?) at local hero N2 Extreme Gelato.
  15. A must on your hit list of Sydney's best desserts – the illustrious Snow Egg at Quay.
  16. Take a trip to Mexico with the warm caramel, pineapple and custard with macadamia, banana and burnt milk ice cream at El Topo.
  17. Get inventive with balsamic strawberry gelato at Cow and the Moon. Or sample the flavour that won this little shop the award for world's best gelato – affogato.
  18. Go native with Reuben Hills' pancakes with date, caramel, pecan praline and quandong ice cream.
  19. The apple crumble pie with Calvados ice cream at The Winery is sure to curb your sweet tooth.
  20. The Pisco sour sorbet with caramelised popcorn at Brooklyn Social has got us hooked.
  21. Harajuku Gyoza's little parcels of peanut butter and white chocolate with ice cream are guaranteed to hit the spot.
  22. This one's a burger but not as you know it. Wrap your hands around the choc chip slider with hot chocolate sauce at Bootleg Meatballs.
  23. Izakaya Fujiyama's Snickers with peanut butter cake, chocolate custard, salted caramel ice cream and peanuts – not to be missed!
  24. For a taste of the tropics, try the roasted pineapple sorbet at Ester.
  25. For dessert in liquid form, sip on the rum and raisin root beer float at Miss Peaches.

Image credit: Pat and Stick's

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