6 Sydney Restaurants And Cafes To Visit This Weekend

By Jodie Draper
22nd Jan 2016

waterfront restaurant in Sydney Cala Luna

What is it about the weather on weekends? Following five days of sunny office spaces, we’re pipped to the post by storm clouds and passed over for precipitation percentages come Saturday. To beat the bad weather blues, we’ve rounded up a bunch of the best Sydney spots, whether the sun comes out to play or not. 

Cala Luna


Cala Luna is Middle Harbour Yacht Club’s answer to your weekend plans. Whether it’s a birthday dinner or a boozy lunch with friends, their recently revamped waterview venue dishes up a wide variety of Italian options that will rival your Nonna’s (yep, we went there). With inside and outside seating options available, they’ve got a generous helping of harbour views. Their recipes are the work of generations of perfectionists and they’re plated to match. As you might expect, seafood is the star and pasta is a prominent feature, but there’s also a number of meat dishes to round things out (literally). When in Mosman… 

Waterman's Lobster Co


Forget about belly rolls, lobster rolls are where it’s at. At Waterman’s Lobster Co, they’ll happily exchange a rolled up $20 note from your shorts pocket for any of the following: the ‘Maine style’ lobster roll, a Kingfish tartare, two pints of ale, a Duffer Jones cocktail. And ladies and gentlemen, that is just a glimpse. Giving an Aussie spin to an American staple, this restaurant and bar knows that seafood and chardonnay were made for each other. Inside is decked out nautical but nice, and if there’s a break in the weather, you’re welcome to take your lobster roll back to the beach. 

Cali Press 

Surry Hills

If you’re still sticking to #NewYearNewYou resolutions, firstly, you can pat yourself on the back. Secondly, you can get yourself down to Cali Press, ‘cause those guys have got you covered. Or at the very least, they’ve got cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies and a salad bar—and we figure that’s sort of the same thing. Situated on Crown Street, they’re the perfect place to call in for a green juice to give you a little more get-up-and-go for the weekend ahead. Add a little courtyard vitamin-D to the concoction and it sounds to us like you’re on to a winner. You can never have too much of a good thing, right? If you’re kicking goals but can’t manage to give your coffee habit the flick, then know that they’ve also got AllPress Espresso coffee all. Day. Long.  

Ryo’s Noodles

Crows Nest

Recommendations for ramen are not uncommon. Mention this Japanese noodle soup dish and there’s always someone within ear shot that has had a better one than you, or who has a secret spot that is more authentic than any other. We’re serving up Ryo’s Noodles in Crows Nest as our weekend pick. This cute and cosy corner joint might not be the ritziest spot it town, but one thing’s for sure: Ryo knows classic Japanese dishes, and people know about Ryo’s. Expect to be greeted by a queue that’s out the door—but never fear because things move pretty quickly, and prices are worth the wait. 

Fleetwood Macchiato


Fleetwood Macchiato is a café with a sense of humour. No, that seems unlikely. Rather, the people who stick notes to the door about opening times and self-publish their own emoji-laden text messages strike us as the sort of folk that might like to have a laugh. In fact, it seems that the only things they take seriously are good food and coffee. And boy oh boy, do they love coffee. The all day menu reads like a roll call of inspired ideas, and inside, things are unpretentious, with a collaborative mural between creative duo Provinence and Camille Walala continuing the playful tone. 

Market Lane 


Locals love Market Lane and we think you will too. With a trendy fit out, this top-notch café is the perfect place for your post-surfing pick up. Outside, people flock to this sunny spot like ants stick to honey and whilst things are always busy, there’s a happy buzz about it rather than the feel that you need to pick up the bill and get moving. With a selection of homemade muffins, consistently good coffee and an all day brekkie, there’s something for everyone. 

Image credit: Cala Luna

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