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This Sydney Exhibition Is Made Up Of 50,000 Rainbow Balls

By Jessica Best
16th Jul 2018

It’s immersive. It’s colourful. And it’s basically just one hella big optical illusion.

Thank Aussie artist Nike Savvas for this one because yes, yes, bloody hell yes. We’re a sucker for anything super gorgeous to the eye and this is pretty much everything we’ve ever wanted in life. The installation is called ‘Atomic: full of love, full of wonder’ (naw) and it’s made up of  thousands of vibrating rainbow spheres to mimic the fundamental units of all things ever (AKA—atoms).

Rumour has it that this work is majorly mesmerising because the suspended balls sway from a light wind created by large fans around the installation. The colours Savvas has selected all come from an appreciation of the Aussie landscape and guys, it’s pretty damn incredible.

The Details

What: ‘Atomic: full of love, full of wonder’ by Nike Savvas
When: Saturday 14 July until Sunday 21 October 2018
Where: Art Gallery of NSW

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Image credit: Art Gallery of NSW

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