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A 3-Month Bacon Festival Just Kicked Off In Sydney

By Yvonne Lam
5th Apr 2018


If your name is Babe and you’re a pig in the city, look away. Cuckoo Callay (in Newtown and Surry Hills) is hosting its fourth annual Bacon Ooze Festival, featuring an outrageous line-up of dishes, each involving Australian pork that’s free-range, ethically-sourced and sustainable. We know we’ve got your attention.

There’s the Piggie Smalls (The Notorious P.I.G) burger, for one. That’s three types of bacon (pork pattie, chorizo, and maple bacon jam, in case you were wondering) stacked with flaming Mexican cheese, pork crackling and aioli. Then there’s the I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie, a French toast to end all French toasts—think salted caramel, banana and bacon ice cream, and mascarpone for starters. 

Plus, they’re doing some heartstopper, call-the-doctor collabs throughout the festival. From 9–22 April, there’s a bacon, brown sugar and maple syrup doughnut with the good people at Shortstop Coffee & Donuts; then on 26 May, a mega-sized version of Cuckoo Callay’s signature dish—triple-smoked crispy bacon, 63° egg, and bacon mac and cheese all piled on The Grounds of Alexandria’s 45cm whopper croissant. 

Did we mention this is a 12 week festival? That’s right, bacon bacon bacon, for three straight months. More details here

The Details

What: Bacon Ooze Festival
When: Wednesday 4 April – Tuesday 26 June
Where: Cuckoo Callay Newtown and Cuckoo Callay Surry Hills 
Cost: Varies depending on menu items

Love bacon? Then make your own cheese and bacon cob at home!

Image credit: Cuckoo Callay

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