Best Chicken Shops In Sydney

By Frances Magiera
13th Oct 2017


Whether you’re drunk, hungover, tired, hangry or just CBF cooking dinner—your local chicken shop will always be there for you. You may think they’re a bit old school, but there’s a damn good reason why every suburb has their own special fave. Because we simply can’t get enough of the humble chargrilled chook. 

These are the best chicken shops in Sydney and they’ll always have yo’ back. 

El Jannah

Various Locations

Because garlic sauce is everything, El Jannah is one of the best chicken shops in Sydney. We know you’re already all over their roast chicken, garlic sauce and tabouli combo but we urge you to give their 10/10 falafel a look in. Oh and the hummus. Ooooohhh the hummus. If you’re after some of the best Lebanese food out, El Jannah is a must visit. 

Chargrill Charlies

Various Locations

We thank our lucky stars every single day that Chargrill Charlies is taking over Sydney one chook at a time. It just means we can get our hands on seriously good chargrilled chicken daily. It’s almost impossible to leave with chicken, because you’ll obviously want to get your mitts on their huge range of delish salads and sides. You’ll never leave a Chargrill Charlies on an empty stomach. Fact.


Various Locations

Find your closest Frango’s (they’re in Petersham, Bella Vista, Smithfield and Penrith FYI) and make sure you head there in hungry. You can keep it simple (and feed an army) with their Portuguese-style BBQ chicken and salads, or go all out with one of their double chicken burgers. But whatever you do, add chilli mayo. Trust us.



The perfect chicken shop for all your late-night drunken needs lies on King St in Newtown. Clem’s Chicken Shop is open until 10pm, so you can sneak in a feed before you hit the town, before heading home from a looonnngg day drinking sesh or, you know, your average Wednesday night. The chicken is cheap and cheerful and that is exactly what we love about it—delicious roast chicken and crispy AF chips. 

Belle’s Hot Chicken

Barangaroo & Forest Lodge

Let’s just take a small step up on the chicken shop fancy scale because Belle’s Hot Chicken in can pretty much pass for a cute date spot. Assuming you don’t mind your date witnessing a pure foodgasm while chowing down on fried chicken. Chicken waffles, peach BBQ sauce with chicken ribs and hot chicken sandwiches—YAS please! 

The Chicken Shop


When you find out that Merivale is behind The Chicken Shop, your expectations of just how good their roast chickens are will rise enormously. Luckily, it’s as good as you’re imagining—the juicy chicken here is seriously top notch and you can even call ahead. Yep, you’ll jump right to the front of the line to pick up your piping hot chook sandwiches and fresh AF salads.

Thirsty Bird

Potts Point

Thirsty Bird dishes up some of Sydney’s most delicious chicken and we can prove it. They add more sides you could possibly want because everyone knows chicken is best served with allllll the sides. Think waffle fries, bacon mac ‘n’ cheese and mixed pickles. Yaassss.



Beschico knows how to do drumsticks. Whether you like ‘em crispy, spicy or slathered in sauce, there is something here for you. They also have a heap of chicken-based dishes with an Asian twist like the crispy fried rice, pad Thai with chicken for starters. Did we mention they do deep-fried ice cream too? You know what to do.



This is the place to head for a no-frills whole BBQ chicken with chips, gravy and coleslaw. That’s arguably the best way to enjoy chicken anyway and you damn well know it. They do also serve a Portuguese peri peri chicken burger, a huge range of freshhhh salads and as the name suggests, plenty of well-seasoned chips and chicken-salted chicken.

Jean’s Chilli Chicken

Eastwood Hotel

This chicken shop doubles as a Korean BBQ restaurant, serving all sorts of chicken, including their signature chilli cheese BBQ whole chicken. Honestly, we’re not even kidding when we say this may be the hottest chicken you eat in your whole life. You’ve been warned. They also serve up chilli chicken rice, ginseng chicken rice and even chilli BBQ chicken feet. You can also get a chicken schnitty bigger than your head here. ‘Nuff said.

Spit Roast On Sutherland 


As the name suggests, Spit Roast on Sutherland dish out plenty of roasted chicken to Shire locals. Not only do they do excellent chicken, they do a mean roast as well, with your choice of pork or lamb, with potatoes and plenty Mediterranean roast vege. Other faves are the chicken pesto pasta, chicken fettuccini, and chicken avo salad. We’ll take one of everything.


Dulwich Hill

Orrico Charcoal Chicken have whole chicks, half chicks, quarter chicks, and classic burgers. Their signature is the (no shocks her) the Orrico burger—loaded with a juicy chicken fillet, lettuce, mayo, and chilli, honestly what more could you need? They also have Mediterranean-inspired dishes, like the Kafta plate—with Kaftas, tabouli, hummus, lettuce, onion and Lebanese bread to wrap it all up. 

Mad Fo’ Chicks 


Not only will you become mad for chicken (get it?) after eating here, you also probably won’t need to eat for the next two days. They do buckets (yes, BUCKETS) of fried “mad crispy” chicken, buffalo wings, boneless chickens with cheese and garlic seasoning, and even a marinated chicken salad. If you need a break from all the chicken eating, you can refresh your palate with the chips on a stick (‼), or the bento box (just kidding—this bad boy involves chicken katsu). 

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Chargrill Charlies | Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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