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Everything You Should Have Streamed In 2017

By Sarah Hilton
10th Jan 2018

things you should have streamed in 2017

If 2017 was a busy year and you really didn’t keep up with allll the streaming trends, then we’ll forgive you just this once. 

Let’s forget about those New Year’s goals and instead take January as an opportunity to catch up on all those missed binges. Whether it’s obsessing over Hawkins and the Upside Down to talking about sex with your mum, we’ve compiled the perfect list to make sure your butt will be planted on the couch for dayyyyyys.

Hot tip: keep your out of office on for a few more days.


My Dad Wrote A Porno

No doubt you already know plenty (read: wayyyy too much) about our friend Belinda, but a new season of this cracking podcast has just dropped and if you’re not on this yet, you need to be. What could be better than hearing an average English bloke read his dad’s porno to his two best mates? Nothing, that’s what.

Up For A Chat

This podcast is like listening in on a convo that you wish you could be a part of. Three ahhh-mazing women discuss how to live life to the max and be more positive, as well as touching on all the good stuff like relationships, healthiness and mindsets. If you need a little morning boost to get you through the day, Up For A Chat can help for sure. 

Ctrl Alt Delete

This funky podcast revolves around blogger Emma Gannon who interviews women she admires. We’re already sold TBH but if you need more, we’ll give you more. Each interview focuses on female empowerment and business in a super witty, super chilled way. We’re all over this one.


If your crap week is caused by your crap job, then this podcast is calling your name. Each week on Working, regular people are interviewed from all fields and all careers imaginable. And they’re spilling the beans on what gets them out of bed each morning and how they stay pumped for their jobs daily.

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Because Anna Faris is just funny AF, her new podcast is 100% laughs on laughs on laughs. The format of the podcast is kind of all over the place (a bit like your mental state RN) but it is just what you need to boost your mood and make you giggle. 

My Favourite Murder

Crime and comedy. Yep, My Favourite Murder is a double whammy and an absolute cracker of a podcast. This one steers on the lighter side of true crime listenings as Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark bring the laughs with some epic conversational play. These two legends recount one of their favourite murders per week, from recent and historic times (while maintaining all sensitivities) and have worked up a legion of fans who dub themselves ‘murderinos’. We may or may not be part of this #MFM following. Who knows. Duh, we absolutely are.

Sex Talk With My Mom

Sex Talk With My Mom is like the NSFW (and more education version) of My Dad Wrote A Porno. This podcast shares advice on sex, hooking up and relationships from the perspective of a 20-something guy and his 50-something mum. As you’d imagine it’s super honest and super awkward, but absolutely in a good way.


Invisibilia from NPR has to be one of the most interesting and thought-provoking podcasts on this list. It explores the invisible forces that control our behaviour, and whether we can possibly have any control over those forces. A great episode to start with is their two-parter on emotions (of course this subject deserves a double ep), where they delve into how emotions are conceptualised through two hard-hitting stories that will keep you thinking well after the episode ends.



Three words: Riverdale Season Two. We know we don’t have to say any more than that. Come back to us when you’ve binge-raced through this epic TV show because this beauty has left its mark on 2017 and we’re so ready for more #dedicated.

Queen Of Versailles

Imagine a ‘house’ with ten kitchens, a bowling alley and wardrobes the size of your apartment. This is an actual reality for the self-titled ‘Queen of Versailles’, a billionaire who decides to build the biggest house in America, modelled after none other than the Palace of Versailles. Unfortunately for the ‘Queen’, the 2008 global financial crisis hits her husband’s billion-dollar empire hard and the dream of their fairytale castle crumbles—fast.

Stranger Things 

This bad boy practically exploded in 2017, bringing back to life the happenings of Hawkins, Indiana. And if you haven’t already started this series (honestly, you’re lucky to have us), well you now have two seasons to get through and can consider this weekend sorted. You’re welcome.

Killer Kids
From gang initiations to hate crimes to revenge killings, Killer Kids shares the details of kids as young as the age of 13 who have been found guilty of murder. Netflix’s Killer Kids series will have you watching with your jaw dropped when you see what these kids are capable of at such a young age. Plus there are more than 40 episodes for you to binge—since you won’t be getting any sleep.

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers is an absolutely bizarre story of amputee John Woods who finds himself in a custody battle to reclaim his mummified leg from a man who found it in a grill he bought at a storage unit auction. Yeah, you really can’t make this stuff up. This will probably be the most WTF-yet-strangely-touching thing you’ll watch all year that will REALLY make you appreciate your comparatively normal and boring AF life.

Top Of The Lake: China Girl

I’ll admit it: I may have only clicked on this trailer because I saw Brienne of Tarth in POPO gear and got confused, however, we’re sure it’s also quality TV.

Want more? Okay, here you go.

Image credit: Stanger Things, Netflix

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