Don’t Miss Client Liaison’s Super-Charged Australiana Fest

By Jessica Best
16th Aug 2018

Okay, people listen up. Big things are coming to our Sydney shores and yes you should already be cancelling all other plans. Think festivals are just, bleh? Think again.

Enter: Expo Liaison.

This is literally no ordinary festival, oh no. It’s a stock-market spike for the senses. A travelling exhibition. A salute to the iconic World Expo ’88. And, you’ll need to be all over it unless you’re completely okay with being the odd one out while everyone harps on about Expo Liaison’s epic-ness for the next few weeks. Which you're not, so read on.

Our favourite Foster’s tinnies devotees Client Liaison have gone and done Aussies one big fat solid and curated an all-out, full-scale wonderland of 80s era entertainment. It’s a full-day music festival featuring the likes of “The Voice”, AKA our nation’s vocal icon good ol’ John Farnham, plus Alice Ivy, DJ John Howard and Rainbow Chan. It’s basically the Royal Show meets Big Day Out (RIP).

There’ll be woodchopping demonstrations, artisanal ice-sculpting, a custom-built dessert buffet, and all the bevvies and nosh you need to keep you set for the day and ready to 80s dance into the night. You’ll also be able to shop Client Liaison’s recently revealed fashion line—the swimmers, scrunchies, and frill-neck lizard prints are summer vibes and you need them in your life.

Still with us? Fab, ‘coz you can grab your tix here.

The Details

What: Expo Liaison
When: Saturday 25 August, 4pm onward
Where: Luna Park, Milsons Point
Cost: $109.00 per person

Image credit: Supplied. 

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