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Doughnut Fries Are Coming To Sydney!

By Ange Law
25th May 2017

Doughnut fries, Brisbane

The doughnut gods are smiling down on Sydney my friends. ICYMI doughnut fries are coming to save our sad, winter-related blues and we know where to find them. It’s no surprise really that the legends over at Tella Balls Dessert—the team that brought us Tella Balls, Pastatella, Tellababs, and epic Tella Ball Shakes—are behind the whole thing.

This one is a play on fish and chips, but please keep reading because it’s not as weird as you think. The doughnut fries will be served in an almost-too-cute mini deep fry basket, alongside house-made vanilla bean ice cream with a golden Panko Crumb (that’s the fish, geddit?), and melted white chocolate dipping sauce masquerading as a tartare. The whole thing is finished with a shot of Nutella, because these guys just get us. 

The doughnut fries—and all of their beautiful accompaniments—will be available from 27 May at the Concord and Dulwich Hill Tella Balls bars, for a cool $18. Get on it!

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Image credit: Eat Street Markets

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