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Turn Off Ya Lights, Neon Lipstick Exists And It’s Next Level

By Jessica Best
30th Jul 2018


Liquid lipsticks are cool enough as is because of all the pigmentation, opaque looks and manoeuvrability ever. Yep, there’s a lot to think about when prepping your smoochers to make them plush, poppin’ smackers of glory.

So here’s the deal. These devilishly bright lippies are by INC.redible Cosmetics and actually glow under a UV light which means you need to start searching for the nearest neon disco, stat. Colours go by names like “I’m Hot RN” (a buzzing tangerine) and “Listen Hard Girl” (a vibrant pink) and we’re already fans TBH. 

To make things evennn better, they tick the box of being totally cruelty-free so you can keep swatchin’ away without a worry for your furry pals. Grab these epic lip paints right here but they’re kind of a big deal already so you’ll want to pack your online basket ASAP.

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Image credit: Chloe Morello Youtube

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