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FYI, A Rustic Cider Wonderland Pop-Up Is Coming To Sydney

By Jessica Best
9th Jul 2018

Sydney, it’s happening. Your rustic, winter dreams have come true in the shape of an epic pop-up laneway cider orchard in the CBD and it’s giving a whole new meaning to ‘we can’t even’- because we really can’t.

You can thank the legends at Three Bottle Man bar and Square Keg for this cider orchard pop-up because it includes all the lush greenery, cosy blankets (for all the comfort), cider-infused food and desserts plus mulled cider stations and a heap more. 

For the cider-fanatics, this is for you. Along with traditional cider, the orchard will also feature bespoke cider cocktails created by Aaron Gaulke (who you should know from Three Bottle Man), speciality mulled cider from Treehouse and cider-infused feeds from the Michelin Star-experienced French chef, Raphael Squrek.

You’ll want to start jotting this one down in the diary because it’s only here for six days and yeah, you’re going to be there for every single one.

The Details:

What: Laneway Cider Orchard Pop-Up
Where: Three Bottle Man, Bulletin Place Laneway
When: Thursday 19 July until Tuesday 24 July

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Image credit: Supplied

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