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By Ange Law
17th Feb 2017

Best toast brunch Sydney

The love of pimped toast is practically in the Sydneysider DNA. Since we sit firmly in the pimped-toast-loving camp, we also feel pretty #blessed to live in a city that indulges our addiction. We don’t care if it’s an OTT smashed avo, fruit toast, or essentially a flower arrangement on top of our sourdough—we’re on board. 

In case you’re right there with us (of course you are), then you’ll love every single one of these—the best damn pimped toast options that Sydney has to offer.



Morris has been churning out the pimped toast since they opened their doors last year and before that—crazy good sandwiches at their older brother, Scout’s Honour. Their latest offering is the summer tartine, which is a soft brown miche topped with creamed feta, smoked salmon, organic boiled egg, herb salad, pickled onion, crispy capers and toasted nuts. So basically everything good that summer has to offer on crispy sourdough. 

Dachshund Coffee

Hunters Hill

An institution on the Sydney brunch scene, the reformed avocado at Dachshund Coffee in Hunters Hill is the stuff of Sunday morning dreams. As the name suggests, this isn’t your average avo on toast, this one involves toasted sourdough topped with smashed avocado, vine ripened tomatoes, quinoa tabbouleh, goat’s feta and crispy sage. Bonus points for adding a poached egg to the pile.

Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen


The pimped toast at Bread & Circus is a subtler toast than some of our other choices, in the sense that there isn’t a pile of goodness covering the toast and rather, a layer of naughty caramel. The rainy day toast is a staple on their menu, one taste and it’s no surprise to us that it’s stood the test of time at this Alexandria café. After all, we’re talking toast served with a heavy drizzle of melted organic honey-thyme-cinnamon butter. 



Toast lovers should already know that Cornersmith is the king of all things topping toast. We love when they combine every seasonal thing that they can get their hands on and magically create the dish of our dreams. Currently, that looks like sourdough topped with ox heart tomatoes, figs, buttermilk ricotta, fennel salami and summer herbs. We know, they’re pretty special.

Rukus Café 


Rukus Café has got to be one of Sydney’s most Instagrammable cafes, and we aren’t just talking about their enviable collection of plants that they’ve managed to keep alive (what is your secret?). We’re talking about their super duper healthy quinoa sourdough, with free range eggs, toasted seeds, organic spinach, green peas and their epic salsa verde. 

Back & Forth


Sweet pimped toast is arguably the best kind of pimped toast—mainly because you can still kid yourself into thinking that it’s actually good for you (or is that just us?). Back & Forth have decided to make fruit toast even better, by topping Berkelo Bakery’s lemon myrtle sourdough with house made lemon ricotta, lemon curd, blueberries and macadamia balm. It really doesn’t get any more Australian that this one TBH.

The Dining and Co 


The O.G of the pimped toast world, French toast is another one of those situations where we pretend that it’s good for us, even when the “healthy” French toast is topped with all things naughty. The French toast at The Dining & Co starts with brioche—so you know it’ll be good—finishes with a syringe of maple syrup, along with mascarpone, pistachio snow and fresh berries along the way. 

Henry Lee’s


Holding down the fort for a classic smashed avo done well, Henry Lee’s has added delicious little twists to their Henry’s dream toast and we are allllll for it. Picture Green Tangerine sourdough topped with house pesto, avocado, heirloom tomato, pickled radish, lemon zest, whipped ricotta and hazelnut dukkah, prepare to be full (like, really full). 

Nelson Road Tuckshop

Bondi Junction

The toast at Nelson Road Tuckshop is so serious that the toast itself is barely visible, which is definitely a good sign in our books. It’s basically a big, herby salad sitting atop two slices of sourdough, with chunky parsley, chopped cherry toms and pomegranate seeds (because pretty). 

Mr Topper’s Toast Bar 


It’s hardy surprising that Mr Topper’s Toast Bar is nailing the pimped toast game right now, because it’s literally their main event. The portions are generous and you can’t really go wrong at this grab-and-go toast joint, but we recommend the strawberry slider (fresh strawberries, clotted cream, toasted coconut shavings and honey) and the daily (avocado, charcoal dusted goats cheese, mild chilli flakes, mixed sesame).

If brunch in all of it's forms is your jam, then check this out

Back & Forth | Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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