Snowbound | The Urban List Guide to Thredbo

By Anna May
3rd Jul 2015

Sure, you go to the snow to get your ski gear on and feel that powdery goodness between your skis (or *snigger* snowboard), but when the sun is down and the chairlifts are no longer lifting, one simply must entertain themselves. Here’s our list of things to do in Thredbo, whether you’re looking to get your cocktail on, grab a good mid-ski feed, or party in the snowfields.


Black Sallees Mountain Bistro

Ever have those days where it’s blizzarding, but you simply have to get up that mountain, lest you waste your precious dollars? This is where Black Sallees comes in. If you can brave a ride up Snow Gums chairlift, you can ride a few metres across to this mountainside restaurant and park yourself in for a warming feed. You can also get the chairlift back down if the weather is that bad. If the weather is great and the snow is amazing, Black Sallees is still an excellent place to drop by for lunch. 

The Bakery In The Village Square

Right, this is where the magic happens: right here. You can get your hands on the best damn sausage roll this side of sausage roll land (which I really hope actually exists), or a spinach and cheese roll if that’s your style. It’s 100% worth the schlep up the stairs from the mountain to get your hands on a piping hot pie and deliciously frothy milkshake for lunch. 

Jean-Michel at The Knickerbocker 

What’s a chilly winter evening without a bit of French cuisine? Not much, if you ask me. There’s everything from creamy chestnut soup or onion crème brulée to a venison bourguignon with dark chocolate and star anise at this Thredbo restaurant. Add a bottle of red and you’ve got yourself a winning evening.

Avalanche Café

Every Thredbo purist will tell you this little joint at the bottom of the Kosciuszko Express chairlift is a must-visit. Grab yourself an industrial-sized hot chocolate (say yes to whipped cream) and a bacon and egg roll and punish it at the café downstairs if that’s your style. If you’re more on the go, head up the stairs and get stuck into a double banga sanga fresh from the BBQ, it’s a rite of passage.


Kareela Hutte

Let’s get one thing straight: I absolutely do not condone drinking while skiing or snowboarding, buuuut if you are going to have a mid-ski tipple, this restaurant halfway down Mount Crackenback is one of the best places to do it. Warm up with a bowl of authentic goulash and a spot of butterscotch schnapps. If you’re feeling really game, ask them for a cheeky shot of Friesengeist – then you’ll be in for some fun!

Après Bar at The Denman

For a classy après experience, this bar at The Denman is the way to go. Whether you want a quick beer after a long day on the slopes, or you’re keen to get comfortable and down some cocktails, this is the place to be. We can’t resist the Hansel and Gretel after a long day, with Appletons rum, gingerbread syrup, mint, ginger beer and bitters. 

Wildbrumby Distillery Door & Café


Just a short 25-minute drive from Thredbo, this gorgeous distillery and café is an excellent way to get acquainted with the high country. You can stop in for breakfast or lunch, or simply head there to get your schnapps on. 


Rekorderlig Hot Pools

There is an outdoor pool at the Thredbo Alpine Hotel, which I have always found puzzling considering Thredbo is predominately a winter town. Now I know exactly why it was built: obviously in anticipation of Rekorderlig Hot Pools. You are wholeheartedly encouraged to strip off your ski gear, don your bikini or boardies, grab a warm Rekorderlig Spiced Apple and defrost in the hotel pool with a drink. Your move, summer.

Sounds in the Snow – Client Liaison

You should be addicted to the Rekorderlig Hot Pools by now, and if there’s any way to say ‘until we meet again’ to a new best friend, it’s with one heck of a party. And party you shall, at Sounds in the Snow 2015, where Client Liasons will see out the snowy season on August 22. It’s free, and downright mandatory if you’re around. More info here.

Image credit: Kareela Hutte

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