Sydney, Meet the Matcha Baoger

By Sophie Hodge
31st Jul 2015

If you never got around to trading in your burger, fries and beer for the matcha trend, now’s your chance. 2015 has been coined the Year of the Matcha Baoger by Sydney’s best green tea themed venue, One Tea Lounge and Grill. But what is a Matcha Baoger, you ask? Well, Listers, it’s essentially the healthiest burger you may ever eat.

Matcha: the specially grown powdered version of green tea that sparked a superfood craze, boasting millions of antioxidants (and Instagram posts).

Matcha Baoger: a unique mash-up of the traditional Asian bao and burger, infused with matcha green tea and filled with the usual burger-y goodness.

David Yip, the creator of this delicious innovation and owner at One Tea Lounge, has created a menu where you can taste test green tea in everything from burgers and fries, to fondue and ice cream sandwiches. It’s a matcha made in heaven when paired with one (or more) of their signature green tea cocktails!

With his family pioneering matcha and Japanese green tea in Australia, Yip decided to combine his family heritage with his food expertise in the form of an innovative restaurant and bar.

“We are constantly innovating with our green tea food and cocktail infusions; having grown up with a love of green tea it is exciting to be able to use it in creative and bold ways.” 

“We’re unafraid to experiment, and hope that translates to a unique dining experience and flavour combination,” he says 

Menu items include soft, pillowy green tea buns which are filled with wagyu beef, braised pork rib, teriyaki chicken or miso tofu and paired with matcha mayo, miso chilli sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion. Fries can also be given a little kick of green tea salt, seaweed or shichimi; but if you want something to matcha your sweet tooth, then the ice cream baoger is calling your name!

Now that we’ve established that you need to eat one ASAP, don’t let us teas you! Head on down to the ONE place where they celebrate food and life from the heart.

Image credit: One Tea Lounge & Grill

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