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Sydney Now Has A Bakery For Dogs

By Ange Law
4th Aug 2017

dog bakery sydney

It’s no secret that we prefer the company of our puppers (or anyone’s puppers) to 90% of the human population. We’re willing to put money on the fact you feel the same. That’s why you’ll be beside yourself with the news that a dog bakery now exists in Sydney and it is literally everything. 

Jason, the owner and chef at Woof Gateaux, loves dogs more than people—so he’s decided to channel his 25 years of experience as chef into this genius bakery. We obviously support this decision wholeheartedly. 

We have no doubt that you already want to spend up big here, and between the raw cakes, cooked cakes and all of the cute treats in between, you’ll have no problem doing just that. There are peanut butter and honey pupcakes, and raw cakes made from either lean mince (only the best for your pup), kangaroo, turkey or veal. There are also cooked carrot cakes, if your dog prefers to keep a vegetarian diet. Yes, really. 

By now, you’re obviously sold and Jason has made is super simple for you—just head here to order your goods and he’ll whippet (geddit?) right up for you. 

There's also a dog lovers show happening this weekend and we know you care. 

Image credit: Woof Gateaux

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