Sydney’s Best Milkshakes

By Sarah Mulholland
27th Jun 2014

Nothing beats a great milkshake. Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, whatever, we love them all. And, because we've got a feeling our Urban List readers might share our penchant for this milky delight, we've rounded up the best milkshakes in Sydney, for your slurping pleasure.

Here are our top picks for Sydney's best milkshakes.

Daisy's Milkbar | Petersham

Daisy's Milkbar has got that '50s charm and a nostalgic feel and they serve up a damn good shake. They've got some special flavours (think Milo and salted caramel) but we can't go past the classic vanilla.

Reuben Hills | Surry Hills

Reuben Hills is up there with the best cafes in Sydney, in our opinion, and their milkshakes are truly something to rave about. Here you'll find some pretty extravagant milkshake options, done ridiculously well. Choose from iced vo vo, rum and raisin, aero bar, or salted caramel if you're feeling fancy. You won't regret it.

Three Williams | Redfern

The team at Three Williams have quickly become one of our most loved Redfern cafes and they are certainly worthy of a spot on our list of the best milkshakes in Sydney. And guys, they do a peanut caramel shake. Peanut. Caramel. Shake. It's like a liquefied Snickers bar, which sounds gross but is actually the best. Milkshake lovers, rejoice.

Paramount Coffee Project | Surry Hills

Paramount Coffee Project in Surry Hills has got more on offer than the perfect long black (although it's pretty damn good). The expert team here has got their milkshake game on point and their peanut butter milkshake is the perfect fix once you're all coffee-d out. Peanut butter in milkshakes is obviously a trend, and we're on board with it.

Excelsior Jones | Ashfield

This special little cafe is bursting with goodness and their milkshakes are some of the best in Sydney. Excelsior Jones provides a great excuse to head to Ashfield for the day and their milkshakes are for the perfect accompaniment to their beautiful brunch options. Go for the classic chocolate malted milkshake—it's to die for,

Chur Burger | Surry Hils

Is there really any better partnership than a burger and a shake? The answer is no, and of course Chur Burger makes the list when it comes to the perfect milky treat. Wash down your beef burger and fries with their honeycomb milkshake and your tastebuds will be forever grateful.

Milk Bar Cafe Ish | Redfern

Josh and Ai Nicholls, formerly of Cafe Ish, are responsible for this sweet little milkshake haven, and the boys have garnered themselves quite the milkshake reputation. Renowned for their $5 cheeseburger and their inventive menu (which changes weekly), there's much to love about Redfern's Milk Bar by Cafe Ish. And the milkshakes. Try the miso caramel or the peanut butter and jelly (or both!) and prepare to have your mind blown.

Got a tip for somewhere we should add to the list of the best milkshakes in Sydney? Let us know!

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